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New Data Feeds and Analytics API

I’m excited to announce two new ways to put your sharing data to work for you.

First up, our new Content Feeds let you access RSS and JSON feeds of your trending, most shared and most clicked content. Integrate these feeds into your web pages to surface your top content to users, keeping them engaged and keeping them on your site. Once enabled, these feeds can be publicly accessed with no rate limits, making them a great complement to our Analytics API. The options will let you customize your feed for a particular time period or domain, or get service-specific content like “most shared to Facebook”.

Second, we’ve expanded our Analytics API to serve up audience data on your sharers, clickers and influencers and insights into their interests like Travel, Sports and Finance. These new metrics help you answer interesting questions like “what are my influencers interest in” and “which sharing service is sending the most clickers back to my site”. You can also access data on which search terms and referring domains generated the most shares on your site. This update brings the Analytics API up to speed with the audience insights reports we released in December.

We hope you enjoy these new analytics features, we have more on the way. If you come up with some cool use cases, drop us a note in the comments.

Launching and Custom Url Shortening


Fellow Twitter addicts: we’ve recently added the ability to customize the URL shortening of your Twitter shares using your or account.  This makes it easy to shorten with your own domain and see your Twitter sharing stats in those tools.  We’ve received a lot of requests for this and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  Check out our URL Shortening help doc to get started.

We’ve also added some URL modification features for advanced analytics users.  If you have stray Google Analytics parameters getting in to your shared URLs you can strip them out with our URL cleaning.  On the other hand, if you want to add URL parameters for custom campaign tracking you can do that too.

We’re really excited about these features, they make it easier for you to integrate with 3rd party tools and make sharing with AddThis a lot more flexible.  If you’ve cooked up a cool integration, show it off in our forum.

HTML Widget Sharing

Widget sharing isn’t only for Flash developers anymore – I’m happy to announce our new sharing support for HTML widgets.  If you’ve built a widget using HTML you can now share it using AddThis buttons and APIs to supporting destinations including Windows Desktop, OS X Dashboard, iGoogle and Netvibes.  Users can embed your widget directly on their desktop or start page for instant access.  This will work for any page that can be rendered in an iframe, including HTML widgets that use CSS and JavaScript.

Try sharing this example widget using the button below:

Check out our help page to get started:

Happy sharing!

AddThis Android App Makes Mobile Sharing Easy

Today, we’re excited to launch a new project within AddThis Labs: the AddThis Android App. When you download it to your Android phone, it integrates AddThis sharing right into the phone’s native user experience. Simply long press any link on your device, touch “Share page” and AddThis will help you share to any of the ~300 social networks, online tools, and services that we support.

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Best Practices Guide for OExchange Targets

OExchange has a new Best Practices Guide for service providers, it has some suggestions for avoiding common UX and functional bugs we’ve seen on sharing sites over the years:

  • Welcome new users on your Offer page
  • Preserve URL parameters through the login process
  • Check your URL encoding and decoding
  • Don’t resize the browser window

These are great tips for any sharing site, they’ll improve the user experience and make it easier to share.  The guide also shows you how to you test your site using the OExchange tools, check it out:

We’re going to roll out improved Service Directory support for OExchange-compatible services in the next month or so, stay tuned!