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From All of Us, to All of You, Happy Thanksgiving


This year has flown by, and we’re grateful for everything we’ve been able to accomplish. Though 2014 isn’t over yet, we did want to pause and say thank you to all of our users for joining our community and helping us grow.

Our offices will be closed today and tomorrow, but we’ll be back in action on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Do Online Reviews Matter? Yes, They Do.


There are plenty of articles out there verifying the importance of online reviews to a customer in their decision making process. You don’t have to go too far to find that stat either. Last month we published an infographic about the path to car buying, and we found that a majority of car buyers (45%) trust online reviews the most in their decision making. We took it a step further this time, and checked out how influential these online reviews really are. And what greater signal than the fact that people are searching for them? Continue reading

Whether Stores Are Open or Closed on Thanksgiving, Everyone Loves a Good Sale


The issue of whether stores should or shouldn’t be open on Thanksgiving has been an increasingly popular topic around the holiday. So much so, groups have formed to support stores that close to let their employees spend time with their families or just enjoy a nice day off. Either way, the data shows that most Americans are more passionate about the sales stores—open or closed on Thanksgiving—will have on Black Friday. Continue reading

4 Tips to Track Social Media Better Using AddThis


After you’ve set up your social media strategy to align with your business goals, and pulled together either paid or free social monitoring services, you’ve got one more habit to get into: tracking. From one fellow community manager to another, you know how important it is to know how one tweet performed versus another, or if one blog post rocked on one social network over another. This can only happen by having the right tracking in place. Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Donation Pages Better for Year-End Giving


We’re almost in the middle of November, which means you’re in the middle of your year-end giving campaign. You might be thinking, “It’s a little too late for a site overhaul!” And you’re right, but it’s never too late to tweak your site if it means you’ll possibly get more donations before the 2014 year ends. I promise these tips are easy tweaks to help get you more donations. Continue reading

The Power of Conversions: Webinar Recap


You have a website. A blog, an ecommerce site, a site nonetheless. But as you know, the ultimate goal isn’t just to have a site; it’s to drive conversions. And conversions are powerful. In yesterday’s webinar, our product evangelist Justin Thorp went through the steps it takes to gain that powerful conversion and turn them into the brand advocates that will help you reach your goals. Check out what he said. Continue reading