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Ebola Content is Only Getting More Popular


The tragic news of patients being diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas (and possibly in Washington, DC) has been the talk of the web for the past month, and even more so, this past week. Every major news site and blog has been following the developments, and readers have been sharing updates on their social networks by the thousands. The hype is so big, that unfortunately, clickbait is everywhere. Basically, if Ebola is in the headline, thousands will click. Continue reading

How We Increased Our Email Deliverability from 50% to 99%


Email is an essential part of how we, at AddThis, communicate value to our community. One of the most difficult challenges we were facing was that over half of our emails were not being delivered to our subscribers. Among many things we did, one of the most important steps we took was cleaning our list—a practice you should consider doing regularly. Continue reading

Make Derek Jeter the Captain of Your Content This Week


It’s the Yankee Captain’s last series of games this week, and fans have poured onto the web to express their feelings, good and bad, about Derek Jeter’s farewell. Brands have also jumped on the sentimental bandwagon (which is called trendacking) by releasing exposé interviews and videos in homage of Jeter’s career—and you should, too. Jeter’s ends his career as shortstop in Boston this Sunday, September 28th. You’ve got three days. Continue reading

Tips, Lists, and Clever Headlines: A Recipe for Getting Engagement


There’s no shortage of fitness articles and healthy recipes on the Internet, and no shortage of ideas for what makes a great content strategy that gets you engagement. We learned that the most popular content had characteristics you can use on your website—for any topic you publish about. So this fall, publish more lists with tips, unique news angles, and helpful educational content both in writing and video. Continue reading

Apple Watch and iPhone 6: How New Tech Will Change Your Content Strategy


Starting on September 12th—that’s this Friday—Apple fans will preorder their new gadget, getting it in their hands as early as next week. Revelations from today’s highly anticipated Apple event has fans drooling for the next iPhone and Apple Watch. But you, oh website owner and blogger, have the chance to make a change in your content and business strategy to adapt to this newly forming trend. Here are three things from today’s Apple announcement you should start thinking about. Continue reading

AddThis Tools Aren’t Affected by FlashPack Exploit Kit

Earlier this week, news broke that an exploit kit known as FlashPack had been used on third party buttons by publishers in Japan who added a particular JavaScript to their site. FlashPack is completely unrelated to AddThis tools, and therefore, AddThis users do not need to worry about this malicious script affecting any of our tools on your site. In everything we build, security is our top concern. News of this exploit kit is a good reminder to always be sure the add-on provider you use is a party you trust, and to keep your site security tight.

How Facebook’s Newsfeed “Clickbait” Update Affects Your Content Strategy

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Last week’s Facebook newsfeed changes took some by surprise. The social network announced they were changing how they ranked content to give less prominence to “clickbaiting” content in all users’ newsfeeds. This is part of a bigger effort to improve Facebook user engagement. In turn, publishers may need to change their social media tune to jump over this new hurdle to get their content seen by fans. Here are specific things that you’ll need to change in the way you post to Facebook. Continue reading

4 Basic Content Strategy Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge

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This summer’s ice cold viral sensation has been the result of a fundraising campaign from the ALS Association. The “Ice Bucket Challenge” has raised over $90 million from this campaign alone! So there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Ice Bucket Challenge has hit it out of the ballpark in fundraising and brand awareness for the organization previously not known as well. Take heed of this well-orchestrated marketing machine, and make it your own. Here are 4 takeaways. Continue reading

4 Content Tips to Engage Your Nonprofit Audience Now


Yes, it’s August. But to make your end-of-year campaign rock this season, you’ll need this time to start planning and preparing. We checked out social patterns from this past month and last EOY season to give you clues on what your audience—those who engage with nonprofit-related content—will be interested in seeing from your content strategy this fall and winter. Here’s what you need to know about your audience. Continue reading