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4 Reasons Analytics Matter

The word “analytics” makes some people cringe. (Not us at AddThis! We love data!) But this sentiment is understandable because, for most people, analytics can become more of a frustrating information overload experience. And that’s, well, a total turn off.


Without analytics, though, you’re shooting in the dark. Here’s what analytics can help you with. Continue reading

Boston, Waco and How the People Empower Social Media

With wounds of the Boston Marathon bombings and Waco fertilizer plant explosions still fresh, we’re all witnessing the evolution of how we communicate, find facts, and even comfort ourselves in times of unexpected tragedy. We saw how social media was used to share and source information, amplify voices, and connect communities that are geographically far apart––all in real time.

Here’s what we saw happen. Continue reading

Sharing Tool Updates Coming Your Way! [Updated]

[Update 4/25: We updated the links in this blog post to get you to the latest Support FAQ on the upgrade.]

We upgraded our sharing tool last fall, with a slick new interface which boosted sharing performance, and made it easier to use.

The new version of the AddThis boasts a sleek one-column design, enhanced email sharing, and personalization to show the services you use the most. Check out the picture below.

at30 upgrade Continue reading