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Site of the Week:

This week’s Site of the Week highlights a brand new site – – launched in September of this year. As they describe in their About Us section, they are a “platform devoted to original, true and in-depth stories.” Each week has a theme and every day, a new article is posted relating to that theme. Currently, is only in New York but plans to expand to other cities soon. Continue reading

Solutions for our WordPress Publishers

WordPress continues to be one of the most popular platforms with a diverse landscape of many great blogs and other publishers. This is why we’ve put so much focus in making our AddThis social tools easily accessible for the WordPress community.

Recently, we launched a page on the AddThis site highlighting and summarizing the current solutions we support for WordPress. This includes our web-leading share buttons as well as some additional engagement and traffic driving plugins.

If you ever have any questions about any of our WordPress plugins, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Site of the Week: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

This week we’re bringing you something all in good fun. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a site that features videos of Jerry Seinfeld taking his fellow comedic buddies to coffee. Jerry, being the car fanatic that he is, picks up his friends in a different car for each outing. From picking up Michael Richards in an old beat up VW truck all the way to chauffeuring Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks in a vintage Rolls Royce, it’s an entertaining mixture of interesting autos and crazy stories from some of your favorite funny men.

It’s certainly a site worth sharing and thankfully, they’ve provided the functionality to do just that at the bottom of the page. This is a great example of how to customize AddThis to fit the look and feel of your site. You can just swap in your own “share” image or get even fancier using our APIs.

Another recommendation we would make for this site is for them to leverage our video sharing capabilities!

We hope you enjoy some of these video as well as the weekend ahead!

AddThis Site of the Week: National Geographic

You might be familiar with this edition of AddThis Site of the Week. Do you like beautiful photos of exotic locales, adorable animals and amazing anthropological experiences? Then you might know about a little organization called National Geographic! And when we say little, we mean big.

Yes, Nat Geo uses the AddThis for their sharing integration! When a influential player like National Geographic chooses us for their community to share such rich and enlightening content, we are beyond flattered.

Nat Geo has gone a popular route with their sharing implementation that is common with many publishers. They have leveraged our support of the 3rd party sharing buttons. These buttons are the ones put out by the individual services, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The advantages of using AddThis for these buttons is that you can get your button code all in one place, instead if having to rely on multiple sources. And even more importantly, we act as the middleman. Facebook changes their API? We’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look:

They are using Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and Google +1, along with displaying our email icon. Rounding out the experience with an email icon is always a smart move — it is one of the most popular ways to share content.

If you want any of these buttons, or want to check out even more of the third party integrations we support, we’ve recently updated our social plugins page to make it easy for you to find them!

AddThis Black Friday Infographic

As we approach what is traditionally the most anticipated shopping day of the year, marketers are looking to social sharing habits of shoppers for more and better clues into what items they are sharing, what deals they are searching for, what networks they are participating in and who they are talking to.

So, if you aren’t already camping out in front of a Best Buy, here’s a fun Black Friday infographic made using AddThis data. Stats include top shopping personas, popular products and the retailers who stand to win big:


Click image to enlarge.

AddThis Site of the Week: Consumer Search

We don’t want to encourage “holiday skipping”, but let’s be honest, waiting until the last minute to shop for gifts is never a good idea. A week from today is Black Friday and then after that it’s Cyber Monday. All the best deals come early and it’s time to get that list checked off!

But, let’s not get too hasty. Just because something is on sale, doesn’t mean it’s a deal. Research is an important key when spending so much money on gifts for those closest to you. That’s where our Site of the Week comes in!

Consumer Search is the perfect site for weeding through the crap and finding the products that are really worth your money. They rate all sorts of products from yoga mats to snow tires! They also have a great blog with insightful articles like Black Friday’s worth: What you should and shouldn’t buy.

They also use a couple different implementations of AddThis sharing. For example, on the page shown below, they have custom buttons for their most popular services, Facebook, Twitter and Email.

They also use the AddThis toolbox on their product pages and blog to encourage sharing to all the 300+ services that we support in our menu.

So you better get studying! And while you are there, don’t be afraid to use the AddThis tools to share a couple products that catch your eye to your own Santa. ;)

Our New Sharing Experience: Internationalized

While AddThis is a US-based company, we are very aware that the internet is an international experience. (“World wide web” anyone?) That is why internationalization and the support of multiple languages is so important to us!

Recently we updated more of our social tools to support the many beautiful languages of the world so publishers everywhere can present their users with their preferred method of speaking. Specifically, our brand new sharing experience has been fully upgraded to incorporate all our supported languages. This includes the new email sharing form, end user authentication and the sharing menu itself.

As before, site owners can set their AddThis sharing menu and related functionalities to a specific language OR allow us to automatically detect the user’s browser language settings and customize the experience to match. We also will reorder share services based on popularity within different regions. This behavior is tested to increase sharing rates.

Finally, we’ve also updated our language submission forms, so please help us translate more languages. We want to make sure that everyone can share and do so with ease!

If you have any questions or comments about AddThis internationalization, please feel free to reach out or post in the comments below.

Improved Email Form and Why It’s So Important

We recently released a brand new AddThis sharing experience that included improved email sharing.

Email sharing is one of the most popular and effective ways to share. When people email content, it’s usually to a close friend or family. These shares are more likely to be clicked on and go viral because they are from trusted sources.

This is why a user-friendly email form is so important. Comparing the old with the new, you will see that we enlarged the size of the form and added additional capabilities, like the ability to remember your email address.

Old sharing form:

New sharing form:

The new form is designed to look and act like other email applications you use each day, making it straightforward and easy to navigate.

Like what you see? Make sure to upgrade your AddThis sharing implementation to our latest version. You can grab the code on the AddThis site or just update your current implementation by changing the number in your javascript from 250 to 300. It’s that easy!

Social Data from the 2012 Presidential Election

By now you’ve certainly heard the news that President Barack Obama will spend another four years in the White House. The AddThis network was extremely active as election results were flowing in and when the official announcement was made. See what activity looked like in what was the most social presidential election ever.

A Close Prediction

Prior to the election, we predicted how results might turn out based on online social activity – velocity and quantity of mentions and sentiment. The preliminary swing state prediction was extremely close – see this example in Virginia. Below is a comparison of our predictions to actual results as reported by our friends at

AddThis Prediction Data

Actual Virginia Results from

The Announcement

Social activity related to Obama really started picking up as the media began reporting his victory. The social mentions graph below – showing shows how often a term appears in AddThis shares, social referrals and searches – shows that social activity related mostly to Romney early on, giving way to Obama as the results became more conclusive.

Click to enlarge.

The Social Breakdown

Last but not least, our service data shows that Facebook and Twitter were the top mechanisms for sharing articles about the election last night, with an even split between Facebook Like and Facebook shares. A social election indeed.

Site of the Week: Accuweather (and Storm Relief Information)

We chose this week’s Site of the Week as a small hats off to the meteorologists and other weather experts whose predictions and warnings about Hurricane Sandy no doubt saved many, many lives and millions of dollars in damage. It is because of their incredible science that we are all able to prepare for extreme weather events and that is something truly amazing.

Accuweather is one of the web’s most popular weather forecasting destinations. Their weather reports and other weather-related news is trusted by many sources. They also happen to be using AddThis!

Accuweather has a version of the AddThis sharing toolbox on their video and article pages, so you can easily share with your friends and family what is happening out there in often temperamental mother nature.

Bookmark Accuweather and make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest meteorologic happenings!

We’d also like to take a moment to send our well wishes to everyone in New Jersey and New York who are currently dealing with the aftermath of a very powerful and devastating storm. Like many, we were affected by Sandy, with AddThis’ New York office still waiting for power in Soho. But we consider ourselves fortunate, with our homes and health intact.

For those not as lucky and still looking for assistance in New York, we wanted to share a list of places where you can volunteer your help or drop off supplies that are in demand (important note: be sure to call ahead to make sure the locations are still open and accepting donations):

New York Sandy Relief Locations:

Astoria (items dropped in Astoria will be delivered to the Rockaways)

– Location 1:
23-74 38th Street (closed for the night, MIGHT reopen tomorrow, please check back here for updates)
Contact Leni: (347) 762-1648

– Location 2:
33-33 87th St btw Northern Blvd and 34th Ave (closes 9pm)
Contact Neha: (917) 392-9708

Rockaway and Far Rockaway

– Location 1:
Firehouse on 59th street
across from the train station.
contact person: Jean Dupont 9179755623

– Location 2:
Veggie Island
96th Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd.

– Location 3:
Store Front Community Center
B113 and Rockaway Blvd

– Specific Requests in Rockaway and Far Rockaway (starred ones are most urgent):

  • Propane grille or camping style oven
  • Plates, cups, forks, bowls, spoons, etc
  • blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, anything to keep folks warm
  • cleaning supplies – buckets, squeegies, mops, bleach
  • masks, gloves for cleaning
  • socks
  • water
  • tarps
  • garbage bags
  • boots
  • electric stove
  • gas stove
  • satellite phones
  • big paper, tape, markers
  • pens, paper, notepads
  • generators
  • pumps
  • camping tables
  • gasoline
  • gasoline containers
  • percolator
  • fire extinguishers
  • walkie talkies
  • i9 tablets
  • projector/illuminator

Fort Green/Clinton Hill
45 Waverly Avenue
just off of Park Ave in Fort Green/Clinton Hill
(Hours for Nov 1: 10am-6pm)

Park Slope
New Hope Church
120/122 16th St btw 4th and 5th ave
Contact: Pastor Craig: (718) 768-5275

Red Hook
The Red Hook Initiative
767 Hicks Street
Contact: Mariya (347) 770-1528 (but please just show up!)

– Specific Requests in Redhook:

  • (Will be updated at
  • prepared food (including food for children)
  • batteries
  • flashlights
  • power strips
  • toiletries (including toilet paper and paper towels)
  • utensils such as spoons and bowls
  • jugs of water

Bay Ridge
9108 Colonial Rd. Brooklyn 11209 #e9

Sunset Park
St. Jacobi Church
5406 4th Ave
Contact: Ronnie 646-353-5194

– Specific Requests in Sunset Park:

  • steamtable foil pans full or half size w lids
  • blankets
  • cleaning supplies
  • tin foil
  • saran wrap

306 Leonard St, apt J1 (btwn Conselyea and Metropolitan)
Contact: Jennifer (917) 586-4153

136 Jefferson Ave, apt 2 11216

East Billyburg
House of Yes
342 Maujer st
Contact: Kae Burke (525)217-7209

Downtown Brooklyn
2-4 Nevins Street, 2nd Floor

– Location 1:
47 saint nicholas avenue #4d
btw 112 and 113

– Location 2:
938 st Nicholas ave # 25 at corner of 157th and st Nicholas ave.
Lower East Side

– Location 1
The Bowery Mission
45-51 Ave D
contact: Claude Nelson or any “operations manager” on duty. they’re open 24/7 and in need of prepared foods, a generator and anything else you can offer.

– Location 2 (11/2 12pm-6pm)
169 Ave. B btwn 10th and 11th

– Specific Requests at Lower East Side:

  • Generator (Requested at Bowery)
  • Prepared Foods (Requested at Bowery)
  • flashlights (Requested at GOLES)
  • batteries (AA, AAA, D) (Requested at GOLES)
  • non perishable food (Requested at GOLES)
  • candles (Requested at GOLES)
  • first aid kits (Requested at GOLES)
  • vehicles or bikes with trailers (to bring supplies around) (Requested at GOLES)

Upper East Side (drop off center for Rockaway/Breezy Point/Broad Channel donations)
York Ave between 83 and 84th st