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Mom-in-Chief Michelle Makes Social Waves on the Coasts

At the first night of the Democratic National Convention, First Lady Michelle Obama took to the stage to talk about her and her husband’s past, emphasizing their humbler beginnings, as well as her most important role: being a mom.

The speech made garnered a lot of interest, especially on the east and west coasts:

The darker the state, the more intense the interest.

Ann Romney’s geographical breakdown last week didn’t see nearly as much intensity.

She also beat out other keynote speaker, San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, in mentions:

So, what were the hot topics about Michelle? Unfortunately, some of the terms reflect a somewhat shallow theme, as people were curious about many unimportant physical factors such as her weight, the clothes she was wearing and if she’s had a nose job.


Vote for the AddThis Panels for SxSW 2013!

We are pumped to be submitting two unique panels to SxSW this year with partners from ETOnline, SumbleUpon, Pinterest, InteractiveOne and even a renowned psychologist. But, we need votes to help them make it to the stage. Check out what we’ve put together and – if you like what you see – follow the instructions below to vote.

I just met you, this is crazy, follow me maybe?

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Is Modern Media Destroying Your Attention Span?

To help us get to SXSW, voting is easy:

  1. Go to and sign up for an account or Log In.
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  3. Cast your vote by choosing the thumbs up sign in the top left corner of your screen. You’re done!

Thank you so much for your time and vote. We very much look forward to seeing you next year at the big event! We’ll be the guys in orange. :)

Gold, Girl Power and Greek Yogurt: 2012 London Olympics Wrap-Up

Girls Got Gold

They are women, watch them win! A huge trend at the this year’s Olympic games was the US women dominating, in their events and socially. Not only did they take home 29 gold medals – more than most countries! – they also beat out their male counterparts in the battle of social mentions on the AddThis network.

  • High school student Missy Franklin had more buzz than Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte during the swimming events.
  • Hope Solo saw a larger increase in interest than Usain Bolt when both athletes had career showings on August 9th.
  • Overall, swimmer Missy Franklin, gymnasts Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber, and beach volleyball queens Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh saw more social activity than Olympic media dominators Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt.

It was only fitting that the original Girl Power group, the Spice Girls, reunited for the closing ceremonies to spice up your life.

Chobani Crowned Brand Champ

We’ve been tallying scores daily to see which Team USA sponsors and other top advertisers were leading the pack with their Olympic campaigns. It was an impressive field of competitors including veterans McDonalds, Visa and Coca-Cola. But newcomer Chobani Greek Yogurt ultimately came out on top!

Chobani launched their first TV campaign only 16 months ago, so hats off to them for such a successful showing at this year’s games. The silver went to Kellogg’s and Visa took bronze.

Congrats to all the advertisers on a great 2012 Olympics!

Sports Getting Social

So we know the athletes who were talked about and the brands that made a bang, but which events overall had people atwitter across the social web? Gymnastics, swimming and beach volleyball!

Is it just us or are we seeing a trend with provocative uniforms and most talked about events? The tighter the fit, the more vocal the audience? Just sayin’. ;)


Solo vs. Bolt — Battle of the Social Mentions

During last night’s telecast of the US Women’s soccer gold medal victory and Usain Bolt’s dash to glory, we saw an amazing trend on our network. Bolt’s win coincided with Hope Solo’s amazing second half save to hold onto the US’s 2-1 lead over Japan. Immediately, the internet reacted:

This is a fascinating example of real-time TV events impacting online social activity. In this chart, you can see down to the minute when the conversation changed from Usain to Hope. Overall, Hope spiked the most and we think it’s well deserved recognition!

Visa Gets Second Gold; McDonalds Gets Over 1700 Twitter Followers

Visa scored their second gold medal in today’s brand races, most likely due to an 11% increase in mentions on the AddThis network. A recent CNBC article brought light to the fact that Visa cardholders have contributed $1.4B to the UK tourism industry during the Olympic games. Sounds like it’s a well deserved spot on the podium!

McDonalds wasn’t able to medal this round, but did return an impressive 1771 Twitter followers. Maybe it was the free advertising from the women’s Chinese basketball team uniforms? We kid, we kid. :)

Kelloggs Grabs Gold with 50% Increase in Social Mentions

Heading into the second week of the Olympics, Kelloggs has snagged another gold medal almost exactly one week after their first.

Other notable changes, Nike seems to have fallen off the scorecard altogether after winning the gold yesterday. United also gained a good number of Twitter followers despite losing ground in mentions and write-ups. Overall, Chobani has had a great Olympics, making the podium multiple times.

For more data and articles about this year’s games, check out our Olympics page, updated daily.

Missy Beating Phelps, Lochte in Social Mentions; 400% Increase for Gold Medal Winner Gabby Douglas

It was a busy day for Team USA yesterday with lots of exciting results! We took a dive into our data to see who is getting the most buzz.

Michael Phelps grabbing the gold in the 400 IM race and Ryan Lochte right behind him claiming silver. But despite their successes Missy Franklin still saw the largest increase in interest on July 31st with a nearly 250% increase in interest* across the AddThis network:

Another popular set of athletes this week has been the women’s gymnastics team, who won the the group gold only a few days ago. Then, last night, Gabby Douglas made Olympics history, becoming the first African American to win the individual all-around gold medal. This exciting event is made clear with a 450% increase for Gabby on the network:

It was an amazing night for all watching and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Go USA!

*Measured by shares, clicks and searches

Nike Continues to Inspire Amid Controversy, Win Their First Gold

Nike, not an official sponsor of the games this year, managed to grab the first place spot in our Olympics brand race daily scorecard yesterday. They’ve caused some controversy in the advertising space, with many people claiming they are not so subtly trying to represent themselves as an official sponsor. But they aren’t breaking any rules and it’s clear that their campaign has inspired the social world!

McDonalds and Samsung came in second and third, respectively.

Overall though, an interesting downward trend seemed to happen across the board. Does this suggest that the people who watch Olympics commercials and then decide to follow the brands they like have already done so? How can these brands continue to grab viewers’ attention and maintain a steady stream of followers during such a massive, international event?

We’ll be watching this trend, as well as many others, so be sure to keep checking into the Olympics scorecard.

Visa Grabs First Gold in Brand Race; Criticism of NBC Coverage Continues

After coming close with a silver and a bronze, Visa has officially nabbed their first gold in the social brand Olympics! Does that mean Morgan Freeman’s unmistakeable voice is paying off? Hilton also jumped back on the podium, all the way to second place, after disappearing from the top five since Thursday. (Scroll down to see the updated scorecard.)

Another persistant theme at this Olympic games is the public’s frustration with NBC’s coverage. While they can’t control social media spoiling some results, we had to wonder what they were thinking last night when the network aired a commercial of Missy Franklin celebrating her gold medal with her parents only minutes before airing the actual winning race. Here is a tag cloud that clearly illustrates the sentiments around the web:

Check back later for a post on the top events and athletes from last night’s games!