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New from AddThis: Purchase Graph Audience Segments

Today, we are announcing the AddThis Purchase Graph.  Finally, a data set for audience targeting that combines offline purchase behaviors in a privacy-friendly way with online audience data!  In order to make holiday plans easier, we are starting with 20 segments for seasonal campaigns, from Toys and Women’s Apparel to Gadgets and Winter Travel.

At AddThis, we use multi-graph technology in our audience modeling to find the best, most qualified prospects for brands.  We start with the most precise data we can find: Seed data, whether specific by an advertiser with a pixel on their site, or from data that shows the desired user behavior (purchases!) and intent. We then project that profile onto the 253M US users we see a month, and create our audiences from the very best scoring users.  Our XGraph technology layers three graphs of data – search, social and site – to enlarge the size of the ideal target audience, like retargeting with scale.

Purchase Graph

So today, we add the purchase graph to those sets of data – using offline shopping behavior as the Seed data set and modeling lookalike audiences in the US online population.  This method allows for scale that only AddThis can provide.

This new targeting option enables advertisers to identify and target users based on offline and online purchasing patterns and trends.

Purchase graph audiences will be available through our top partners:

  • Trading desk partners carrying purchase graph segments: Accuen, Amnet, Cadreon, Vivaki, and Xaxis
  • DSPs/DMPs: DataXu, Invite, MediaMath, and Turn

Need more information?  Check out our product page or contact us at