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Content Strategy 101: Getting Started


When you approach how you communicate online—whether on your website, through email, in social media, via videos—it’s important to have a strategy. And not just any old strategy; you need a content strategy. Like that popular saying goes, “Content is King” (and we don’t mean Jimmy Fallon, in this case). It’ll be what drives engagement with your viewers, readers, subscribers, and visitors. Here’s an overview to help you get started with your content strategy. Continue reading

5 Tips to Increase Your Site Traffic During Fantasy Football Season


I love this time of year. School’s in session, pumpkin lattes are back, and more importantly, it’s fantasy football time. Every year, it’s played by over 25.8 million players in the U.S. Last year, the average player spent three hours a week working on their team—that’s 1.2 billion hours over a 17-week period.

There are tens of thousands of websites that’ll help you with planning and strategizing how you’ll craft and manage your team. As site owner, that means you have A LOT of competition for attention. But you also have opportunity to snag your share of the millions of fantasy players online and keep them on your site. Continue reading