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Smart Layers Plugin Now Available for WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla

Note: As of March 2018, the Smart Layers WordPress Plugin is no longer available for download. If you already have it installed, it will continue to work per usual. To check out and install our supported WordPress plugins, click here.
We’ve been listening to your feedback about how to improve Smart Layers since it launched this summer. At the top of the list of requests from our users was an easier way to install Smart Layers on their Blogger/Joomla/Wordpress sites. And we heard you. I am happy to say we are now providing Smart Layers as a plugin for Blogger, WordPress, and Joomla.


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How to Make Smart Layers Talk Your Talk

Smart Layers is an extremely user-friendly tool. It’s designed to invite your visitors to share your content, show them cool content, and even try to convince them to stay in touch with you on your social networks. But to some of your visitors, Smart Layers may come across a little “stiff.” Just like your parents and grandparents, Smart Layers isn’t always up on the latest slang or teen vernacular. That’s why you can customize!

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Taking Control of What’s Next and Recommended Layers [UPDATED]

You’ve probably installed the What’s Next, and Recommended Layers on your site/blog, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Why is that blog post with kittens doing yoga showing up in the layers?!”


Well, the easy answer is because people love watching kittens doing yoga. The not-so-easy answer is that your visitors are constantly sharing and driving more visitors to that page, which signals that the page is trending and should be recommended to other visitors. Then again, you have lots of other great content that you want to appear in those layers as well. So I’m here to help you take control of your layers.

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AddThis SDK for iOS Updated

We’re happy to announce that we have updated and released AddThis 0.2.0 for iOS with support for Facebook SDK 3.0 and a couple bug fixes you all asked for. Leveraging Facebook’s latest SDK allows us to provide an improved sharing experience to your iPhone/iPad users who share to Facebook by using updated UI components.

Existing users of the AddThis SDK for iOS will need to download and replace the current library with the latest version and include the new Facebook SDK. Full Instructions and the new downloads are now available.

And if you’re already testing your apps for iOS 6 which comes out later this fall, we have you covered with a new build that leverages the native Facebook/Twitter sharing provided by iOS. This new build allows you to take full advantage of the new iOS 6 sharing capabilities. You can find the link to this custom build right below our updated build here. Just remember that you need the iOS 6 SDK and Xcode 4.5 to use this custom build. So go download the right SDK for you and let us know what you think.