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How to Join Data in Hydra


Hydra is great not only for continuously processing data streams, such as web logs, but also for tasks such as special data analysis, validation, troubleshooting, etc., that call for one-off jobs. Among the latter use cases, one of the more interesting and complicated cases is joining data sets. In this post, I’ll use an example to demonstrate how to join two data sets. Continue reading

Building a Distributed System with Akka Remote Actors

At AddThis, we deployed our first production system written in Scala almost two years ago. Since then, a growing stack of new applications are built using this exciting language. Among the many native Scala libraries we have tried and adopted, Akka stands out as the most indispensable.

Akka is a library for building concurrent scalable applications using the Actor Model. Its fault-tolerance model is heavily influenced by Erlang. In this post, I will talk about our experience with using Akka (2.0.x) remote actors to build a distributed system, SAM. Continue reading