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Happy New Year from AddThis!


It’s been quite the year for us. Aside from the tons of new features we released, our new mission, and record-breaking stats on the blog (thanks to you guys!), we’re only even more psyched about what 2015 has in store.

So as we wrap up this amazing year, we want all of you to feel our appreciation for your support and loyalty to AddThis. Your feedback has been valuable—and influential!—in the shaping of our tools. Thank you!

We have a lot planned for the new year, so you can expect to see awesome new features, product releases, useful resources, and fun events from us. We’re taking off the rest of this week to rest and get refreshed for an awesome kick-off to the new year. See you in 2015!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from AddThis!


The snow is falling (somewhere, not in Virginia) and the wonderful season is finally here. We hope each and every one of you is packing your bags and shutting down your devices to spend time with loved ones during this wonderful time of year. We are, too.

That means we’re closed tomorrow (Christmas) and the day after (Friday). We’ll be back in action and ready to rock on Monday (the 29th). Have a great vacation!

Our New Mission: Making the Open Web Personal


Today, AddThis is adopting its very first mission statement to: make the open Web personal. We believe that with the proper level of understanding and with the right tools, we can enable you to engage your audience individually both on and off your website, and stop giving them a one-size-fits-all online experience. Our new Audience Targeting capability allows you to personalize your website—completely powered by our data co-op of 1.8+ billion unique users from more than 14 million websites. Continue reading

The Results of Our Own Home Page A/B Test

Did you notice our new home page?


We are constantly testing and fine-tuning our home page (we practice what we preach when we say perform A/B tests!) and this is the result of our latest project. Our goal was to pinpoint the best way to tell our story. In other words, how do we best layout our home page to benefit our users? Here are the steps we took to get to where we are today. Continue reading

AddThis Tools Aren’t Affected by FlashPack Exploit Kit

Earlier this week, news broke that an exploit kit known as FlashPack had been used on third party buttons by publishers in Japan who added a particular JavaScript to their site. FlashPack is completely unrelated to AddThis tools, and therefore, AddThis users do not need to worry about this malicious script affecting any of our tools on your site. In everything we build, security is our top concern. News of this exploit kit is a good reminder to always be sure the add-on provider you use is a party you trust, and to keep your site security tight.

Beefing Up The Team

Here at AddThis, we see a great opportunity in front of us. We want to take the great breadth and depth of AddThis’ knowledge and insight about how people use the Web and make online experiences more engaging. Companies need to be able to use their Web sites to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with their visitors. We’re building tools to enable this and hiring a team that can make this vision a reality. Continue reading