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How Virginia Tech Increased Website Conversions By 40%


Virginia Tech, like most institutions for higher education, relies on alumni communications to keep alumni informed about campus news and support annual fundraising efforts. Without up-to-date contact information, however, the university is challenged to reach its annual goals. This is why Juliet Crichton, Digital Editor and Webmaster for Virginia Tech University Relations’ Marketing and Publications, has been focused on figuring out how to encourage alumni to update their Alumni Association profiles.

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Personalization Puts People Back at the Center


2015 is the year of personalization and it is changing everything. It means we’re putting people back at the center of the equation in how we work to acquire and sustain consumer attention. It means you’re finding the right audience and showing what matters to them, in an advertisement or on a website. This allows you to more effectively deepen the relationship that you have with those consumers, which can lead to new and bigger revenue generating opportunities.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Data is the REAL MVP This Super Bowl

Whether it’s bullfrogs talking beer, old ladies looking for beef, or a mini Darth Vader with a Passat, there’s no denying that some of the most influential and iconic commercials come from the Super Bowl. And as the stakes get higher each year, brands must find ways to increase engagement on their 30-second advertisements to get the biggest bang for their ($4.5M) buck. We think innovation for Super Bowl XLIX commercials lies in data – take a look at what we uncovered.

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Before Launching an Ad Campaign, Think Cross-Device


On a typical weeknight, I can be found glued to my couch watching past episodes of Mad Men while tweeting about it on my phone and reading news headlines on my tablet. Occasionally I’ll browse the internet on my laptop, but that’s only if the tablet needs to be charged. But I’m not the only one multitasking on my devices. Your audience is doing the same thing, so improve your strategy by adding mobile, tablet, and phone to your traditional ad campaigns. Continue reading

2013: The Year of Native Advertising

Anyone that has their Google Alerts set up to include native advertising knows that it’s been tough to keep up with the sheer volume of opinion and news on the topic this year. From defining it, to debating the pros and cons, to understanding the new advertising solutions––there’s a lot to consider for any brand, publisher, or Website owner that’s considering a native ad strategy.


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Introducing Social Impact Campaigns Targeting Brand Advocates

AddThis today announced the release of a new offering for brand marketers designed to increase engagement and social influence about their brand.  What’s driving this new product offering?  The power of social influence is bringing more and more marketer’s dollars to social media, but social is not  just about Facebook or Twitter – social is happening across the web at large and marketers need a way to tap into social “off-network”.  In fact, AddThis real-time social analytics across 14M domains shows that on average 7 out of 10 social actions about a brand happens off a brands owned website.

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A Nod to Innovation in Advertising & Marketing from AlwaysOn

AO.OH12.OH100.winner.500AlwaysOn announced their 6th annual OnHollywood 100 winners today, and we’re thrilled to be named in the Advertising and Marketing category! The list identifies global innovators that are developing game-changing technologies and “disrupting the Hollywood establishment and creating viable business models for the digital entertainment marketplace.”

We love helping connect movie studios and Hollywood entertainers with the audiences that will love them most. And, on the heels of being named the most innovative company in advertising data by DataWeek in August, it’s gratifying to have our media solutions for brands acknowledged again.

For more information, our press release is here and more details on the award are here. As always, thanks for being great, thoughtful partners.

What I Learned from AddThis’ Global Audience Launch

Last week, I visited London for OMMA Display Europe, AdTrading Summit (ATS) and AdTech as AddThis announced the official launch of our data business for the International markets. What an exciting week! It was standing room only at ATS. Mike Nolet, Appnexus Founder and CTO, and Frank Addante, Founder and CEO of Rubicon, were excited about the energy from the EU digital media community around RTB and audience targeting.  Mike called it the “second wave” of RTB that the EU was now jumping into feet first.

After over 40 meetings in 4 days with the leading companies in our space, these things were clear:

  • Companies are investing in the EU – it’s not a toe in the water, but it’s not a cannon ball either.  They’re testing the waters in preparation for a full dive.
  • Privacy is still an issue for our industry, but that is not holding buyers or sellers back.
  • Buyers are finalizing their platform partnerships, but there is still a big data void – that’s where we come in!

AddThis is excited about the opportunity to partner with our current US partners who are now fully entrenched in their International expansion as well as many new International companies that we met with during our trip.

We see over 1B unique users across the AddThis platform, and we see them over 140 times each month. That allows us to deliver micro targeted segments at massive scale worldwide. We’ve seen success in the States and can’t wait for similar results over seas.

Thanks to everyone who spent time with Art McKinely and me last week. We had a great time and enjoyed the great city of London… and of course the pubs! Let us know if you have any questions about our audiences or modeling capabilities domestically or globally. We’re always happy to help!

New from AddThis: Purchase Graph Audience Segments

Today, we are announcing the AddThis Purchase Graph.  Finally, a data set for audience targeting that combines offline purchase behaviors in a privacy-friendly way with online audience data!  In order to make holiday plans easier, we are starting with 20 segments for seasonal campaigns, from Toys and Women’s Apparel to Gadgets and Winter Travel.

At AddThis, we use multi-graph technology in our audience modeling to find the best, most qualified prospects for brands.  We start with the most precise data we can find: Seed data, whether specific by an advertiser with a pixel on their site, or from data that shows the desired user behavior (purchases!) and intent. We then project that profile onto the 253M US users we see a month, and create our audiences from the very best scoring users.  Our XGraph technology layers three graphs of data – search, social and site – to enlarge the size of the ideal target audience, like retargeting with scale.

Purchase Graph

So today, we add the purchase graph to those sets of data – using offline shopping behavior as the Seed data set and modeling lookalike audiences in the US online population.  This method allows for scale that only AddThis can provide.

This new targeting option enables advertisers to identify and target users based on offline and online purchasing patterns and trends.

Purchase graph audiences will be available through our top partners:

  • Trading desk partners carrying purchase graph segments: Accuen, Amnet, Cadreon, Vivaki, and Xaxis
  • DSPs/DMPs: DataXu, Invite, MediaMath, and Turn

Need more information?  Check out our product page or contact us at