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AddThis Goes Global With Audience Products

AddThis has been global from the start. 70% of sites that use our plugins are outside the US, and we love powering sharing and social engagement all over the world.  Looking across the globe and across the more than 330 social services that drive digital engagement, we have found some interesting things…

  • South Korea and Norway are the most social mobile countries
  • During the Olympics, there was a 30 % increase in social activity (shares and referrals) compared to an average day in 2012
  • Residents of England tweet 78% more than the global average
  • French users print 2X as much as the rest of the world
  • Facebook is used 33% less in Germany than the rest of the world

AddThis connects with 1.3B users globally through our use of sharing tools that improve web experiences, and now AddThis launches audience segments by aggregating anonymous data from its global footprint of more than 14M websites.  We have deep data, seeing an average of 140 points of data on each user, and we also have one of the widest reaches in the industry, connecting with 311M user devices in Europe alone.


AddThis is bringing that insight to advertisers in each region with the launch of global intent-based audience segments.  The new products will allow customers to target consumers globally, at the regional or country level, while protecting the privacy of users.

  • Which countries first? – We are beginning with localized and optimized audience segments in the United Kingdom, France and Germany with plans for additional segments in other European countries.
  • Where to buy? – The audiences will be available at the leading international trading desks, demand-side platforms (DSP), data management platforms (DMP), real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges, and other local partners.
  • Which categories – Automotive, Financial, Food, Gamers, Health, Movies, Politics, Retail, Technology, Telecom, Television, Travel, Women, Influencers, Sports, and Education.

Interested in partnering with AddThis on global audience segments?  Please read more about our new global audience segments here or contact Arthur McKinley, Head of International Business Development at

** Please note that all unique figures on this chart are for user devices.  Many users have more than one devices, whether it is a mobile device or desktops at home and at the office.