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Personalization Pitfalls and How to Fix Them

Personalization—applied properly—can turn a regular website visit into a serendipitous experience. Think of how you felt the first time you heard your favorite song. If you have good content, then you probably have pages on your site that will give your visitors that same feeling.


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Streamline Your Site With Personalization

Web sites want to maximize engagement, but it’s hard to guess what each visitor will want to read or buy.  Pixels are cheap, so many sites approach this question by adding widget after widget, hoping that a user will find one they want to click on. This is the shotgun approach to boosting engagement. The problem with it is that user attention is expensive, and each additional widget distracts them from your content, products and ads.

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4 Reasons Analytics Matter

The word “analytics” makes some people cringe. (Not us at AddThis! We love data!) But this sentiment is understandable because, for most people, analytics can become more of a frustrating information overload experience. And that’s, well, a total turn off.


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