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AddThis Stats from Super Bowl 2011

Like many people across the United States, I was glued to the television last night to watch the 2011 Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Being that I’m not a huge sports fan, I was more excited by the commercials then I was by the game.

Additionally, we were keeping a pretty close eye on the AddThis data on how people were sharing and searching for the brands that advertised.  Because AddThis is on over 8 million domains and is loaded over 2.3 billion times per day, we’re able to get a pretty unique perspective into the activities of users across the Web.

Here are sharing and search graphs that we pulled from activity that happened during the game…

(Click the graphs to see them larger.)

Here are two graphs which show percent changes in searching and sharing about some of the brands that advertised…

(Click the graphs to see them larger.)

Top 10 Shares in 2010

We’ve crunched the data and found the top 10 more shared web pages of 2010. Lots of interesting stories and memes that captured the attention of the Social Web…

Texas Mayor Kills Teen Daughter, Kills Self – A murder-suicide shakes an affluent Dallas suburb as Coppel Mayor Jayne…

Paper Cuts – Rolls – Paper cut collages inside of paper rolls. Paper rolls available as prints, T-Shirts, Laptop Skins.

Awe-inspiring scenes from Mother Nature – Summer is the perfect time to get out and see how much nature has to offer.

Sniper kills Qaeda-from 1.5 miles away – It was silent but deadly. A british sniper set a world sharpshooting record by…

Super Heros vs. the Westburo Baptist Church – They’ve faced down humans time and time again, but Fred Phelps and his minions…

WereBox – Paper cut collages inside of paper rolls, handcrafted with precision.

Brazilian Samba Baby

jokeroo – A diaper-wearing infant shows off some incredible dance moves even at his young age!

Hilarious World Cup Dive – Italian player Daniele De Rossi looks like he got shot by a sniper rifle after falling down during a….

Day in Photos: June 18, 2010 – Nahanni Johnstone kisses her eight year old daughter, Chloe, both covered with oil….

Chinese Susan Boyle – Chinese Susan Boyle: This guy belts out the classic Whitney Houston song…

Gmail Surpasses Yahoo! Mail in Sharing

Today, when looking at all the services that the AddThis platform supports, we noticed that sharing to Gmail has recently surpassed Yahoo! Mail and is now getting ~30% more sharing. (See graph above.)

AddThis has its finger on the pulse of the ever-changing Social Web.  The AddThis sharing platform has been integrated into over 7.2 million domains, loads over 2 billion times per day, and is integrated with ~300 online services and social networks.

With our finger on the pulse, we get to see all kinds of interesting trends, like changes in sharing habits.  Check back next week for even more interesting data.

Have a great weekend.

What Do The Gorillaz and Team USA Have in Common?

So… what do Grammy award winning music group The Gorillaz and Team USA for this year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver have in common? They both use the AddThis sharing platform to make their widgets shareable. (Shown below.)

Our mission with the AddThis platform is to make it easy for anyone to share anything, anywhere. Whether your users are enjoying your website, widgets, or anything really, they should be able to share it to every corner of the Social Web. We’re building out our platform and tools to make that happen.

Looking to incorporate AddThis into your own widgets? Have you seen the Flash examples and code samples that we’ve put together?

Here are the widgets…

Sharing Your Shopping from Cyber Monday

Monday, after the long Thanksgiving break, we all slogged back to work and while at work, started to buy online all the new toys and gizmos that we want to give and get this holiday season. Yes, it was Cyber Monday.

Well, we looked at 15 of the top e-commerce sites that use AddThis to see if there was any interesting data that popped up. We found a few interesting nuggets…

  • From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, there was a 78% increase in sharing on those e-commerce sites.
  • The top 5 services for those e-commerce sites were E-mail, Facebook, Print, Google Bookmarks, and Delicious.
  • From the previous Monday to Cyber Monday, e-commerce related services like Amazon Wishlist and Kaboodle both saw ~20-25% increases in usage.
  • james cameron avatar

We’re going to continue to keep an eye on this as the holiday season progresses. We’ll let you know what we see.

July Top Services: Facebook, Google, and MySpace

We looked at our large amount of bookmarking/sharing data for the month of July. Here are the results. The top services are Facebook, Google Bookmarks, and MySpace … followed by Live, Delicious, and Digg.

Google Bookmarks has enjoyed first position for a long time, but now Facebook is suddenly taking over. We will be sure to check this data again next month, to see if this trend is continuing … this space is changing fast.

Facebook Climbing to 3rd Spot

The October data are in!

Facebook is continuing its amazing climb, taking the 3rd spot away from Favorites are back, stealing the first position from Google Bookmarks. Again, Favorites here means “browser bookmarking”, for any browser. On the Feed Reader front things are much more quiet. There was almost no changes between September and October.

Top Bookmarking/Sharing – October 2007

Top Feed Readers – October 2007

Social Trends for September

Here are the trends for September. The first graph shows the evolution of the ranking for the top 10 social bookmarking services. We can clearly see the sudden rise of Facebook to the 4th position in September. Another interesting path is the one traced by Live, who was initially in the 6th position, was pushed down to the 8th position by Reddit and StumbleUpon in April, and then went back up all the way to the 4th position in July pushing down Digg and MyWeb.

As expect, September’s mover is Facebook, going from 5% in August to 7.1% in September. Delicious however lost a little bit of traction. Favorites (browser bookmarking) have also increased, but this is mostly due to the fact that Favorites are now also included in the drop-down widget.

Google Reader continues to grow and lead the feed reader market (up 1.4%) while MyYahoo and Bloglines are standing still. The mover for September is Live, which moved up 2%.

To see more trends, click here.

Top Social Bookmarking/Sharing – Ranking Over Time

Top Social Bookmarking/Sharing – September 2007

Top Feed Readers – September 2007

Social Trends for August

Here are the trends for August. While Digg,, and Favorites are loosing some traction and Google is more or less idle at the top, Facebook is gaining ground, and very fast. We took an early peek at the data for September, and as we expected the trend for Facebook is continuing. More later. To see more trends, including trends on feed readers and news aggregators, visit the AddThis Trends area.

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