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Updates on AddThis support for OExchange

Announced last week, we’re pleased to be leading the development of an open protocol for content sharing on the web, OExchange. We’re also actively working OExchange support into our products in a number of ways.  Here’s an update on a few of them.

OExchange-compliant proxy endpoints.

The AddThis Sharing Endpoints are themselves OExchange Offer endpoints. In other words, you can use our back-end to send content to any service that AddThis is integrated with, just by using a service-named endpoint like this:<service>/offer?url=

This means AddThis makes almost 300 different services on the web into fully compliant OExchange targets!

Read more about this in the API documentation.

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The Future of Open Sharing: We Call It “The Web”

Sharing, loosely defined, is one of the key use-cases for web-wide interoperability. It is also central to the discussion of a “more open” alternative to the dominance of a few key players. A truly open content sharing model is more than a domain that starts with “open”, more than deciding whether you are a Twitter person or a Facebook person, and more than an open-source version of a popular commercial service.

Users should be able to share any content to any one of an unbounded number of services, in a completely personalized way. Sharing features should dynamically adapt to support the communities of interest users actually participate in and the tools they use, whatever platforms they are built on, whether or not they exist at design time. Services should be able to receive content from anywhere, in a common way.

AddThis is a business built on sharing, but we believe that basic service interoperability benefits the web at large — services, users, and content providers. I’ll explain our view of this sharing model and, more importantly, how to practically implement it today with a suite of open specifications, including the recently-proposed OExchange.

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Photos from the September 2009 Hackathon

A couple of times a year, we hunker down for 24 hours of straight innovation and fun with an all night hackathon. Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of participating in my second. It was a blast and I’m excited for you all to see the great things that we produced during those hours.

Here are some photos…

DSC_0072 DSC_0067

DSC_0066 DSC_0065

DSC_0064 DSC_0063

DSC_0062 DSC_0060

Two of our engineers, Matt and Rich, are based out of NY. They participated virtually in the hackathon.


And… here’s my favorite photo. Steve decided to bring in his BIG nerf gun.


Moving To An Even Better Infrastructure…

Last week, we mentioned how we had moved our SSL-supporting AddThis code over to an even stronger infrastructure, the content delivery network Akamai. Well, as of today, all AddThis code (SSL supporting and non-supporting) is now being served from Akamai.

We realize that putting a piece of third party JavaScript on your Web site, like AddThis, takes a bit of faith in us. Well you can rest assured that we’re putting the money and resources behind giving you guys the best infrastructure we can get.

Can’t get much better than Akamai. It’s what we’ve used to serve up the distributed assets for the Clearspring widget platform, so we have a great relationship together. (Note: Clearspring is the parent company of AddThis.)

Hopefully you’re noticing that the AddThis button is loading even speedier then usual.

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to the wrestler downloaddrop us a line. Comment on this post, start a topic in the forum, or e-mail me personally –

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!

Finally we found some time to write about it…What a week!

On Monday Michael Arrigton of TechCrunch wrote a great review about AddThis. What an honor to be “Crunched”, it really means a lot to us. We got a lot of visibility and attention from that post. We are still going through our emails. Thanks again, Michael!

But visibility means new load on our servers, so yesterday we added yet another server to guarantee fast and reliable delivery of our widgets. We’ve also done some much needed database tuning, as our number of users has now reached the 1/2 million mark.

Hopefully next week will be a little calmer.

Have a great weekend!

Moving to Bigger, Better, and Faster Servers

We certainly hope you all had a great holiday.

The traffic on AddThis is continuing to grow very fast – we are now serving about 750,000 buttons per day, or over 8 per second – so we’ve decided to finally move to bigger, better, and faster servers.

The move will happen over the weekend. Disruption should be minimal.