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Strategies to Improve the Security of Your Small Business Website: Part 1 of 3

Strategies to Improve the Security of Your Website

We’re excited to offer a brand new (free!) eBook with 15 solid strategies for making sure that your small business website is secure.

Unfortunately, cyber criminals are a real threat. They have been around since the dawn of the internet, but as our technology evolves, so do the bad guys’ tactics. So, it’s important to always be on top of the methods that will keep your online presence safe.

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5 Examples of Awesome Email Marketing

email marketing examples

This is a guest post by Scott Posilkin, email & engagement marketing manager for Oracle Data Cloud.

It’s no secret that email is neither the most exciting nor flashy channel. In fact, many industry leaders have been predicting the death of email for years.

However, despite email’s less-than-stellar reputation and predictions of its downfall, the channel endures and remains one of if not the most engaging and ROI friendly platform available to marketers.

But in a world that’s been sending and reading emails for years, how can you innovate within your emails and stand out from the pack?

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Send Email Campaigns Fearlessly with this Preflight Checklist

The following is a guest post by Andrea Robbins at Campaign Monitor.

Clicking send for an email campaign can be a nerve-wracking experience. Many questions, doubts — and yes — even a little fear run through the minds of even the most seasoned marketers. Are there typos that were missed? Do all of the links work? Will readers be engaged and respond to the email? To help alleviate the send fear and avoid the most common email errors, Campaign Monitor is happy to share this email campaign preflight checklist. Continue reading