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Help Us Translate AddThis!


Over the last year, we’ve seen AddThis grow a tremendous amount. We reach over half a billion people a month, which comes out to almost half of everyone on the World Wide Web. AddThis is used by Web publishers from all over the world, from many countries and in many languages. To support this, over time with the help of our users, we’ve translated the AddThis user interface into 21 different languages.

Going forward we’d like to support many many more. We’re pleased to announce the launch of our community translation system. Users can now easily find a language, translate the phrases, and submit it to us for quality assurance. They call also make suggestions about ways for us to improve and revise our existing languages.

All translation submissions will be reviewed and approved for addition to the AddThis sharing menu. This process may take up to 30 days.

Since we quietly launched this early this week, we’ve already gotten suggestions, revisions, and translations from the community. We hope to be using the input that we collect from this to launch many more languages soon.

Our goal is to empower everyone to be able to share the content they love to whatever destinations and services they use. This helps us get one step closer to that goal.

As always, let us know what you think –

Introducing AddThis Bookmarklets and Drupal Plug-in

This morning we’re announcing a few cool things which I wanted to tell you about.

First, we’re excited to announce AddThis Bookmarklets. Now you can easily drag the sharing functionality that you’ve grown to love in AddThis and put it right in your bookmark bar. This includes not only the full menu but also access to individual services. Grab a couple of them right now and give them a whirl.

We’ve supported Firefox for a while now with our AddThis Firefox Add-on – now you can easily share from all browsers with these bookmarklets, except for IE 6. Try them out and lets us know what you think.

We also wanted to tell you about the AddThis Drupal Plug-in. We didn’t create it but one of our community members, Vesa Palmu, did. We tried the plug-in, thought it was great, and figured it wasn’t worth making our own. We decided to just highlight all the great work he’s been doing. If you use Drupal (I know there are a lot of you out there), download it today.

Finally, we’ve updated our privacy policy so that it’s a little bit more clear.

As always, we’d love your feedback on all this stuff. Drop a comment on this blog post, start a topic thread in the forum, or e-mail me personally at –

Release: AddThis for the iPhone and for Joomla

On Wednesday, we had a release for AddThis and pushed some interesting new tools. Here’s the rundown…

There is now an optimized version of AddThis for the iPhone. So… when you’re surfing around the Web on your iPhone and want to share the page you’re on using its AddThis button, click on it, a new tab will open, and you’ll see all the same sharing features but optimized to take advantage of the great things the iPhone offers.

In this release, we also published official AddThis extensions for Joomla. Now it’s never been easier to install the AddThis button throughout your entire Joomla Web site.

We’re slowly working to create plug-ins for every content management system and blogging platform we can find. All of you WordPress users, you’ve seen our WordPress plug-in, right? Expect more announcements about plug-ins/extension soon.

If you have any questions about these updates, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. We’d love

to help. E-mail me –

FormFiftyFive’s Sexy AddThis Integration


Here at AddThis, we love it when we see that someone has taken our technology and done something with it that we hadn’t seen before. We were excited when we stumbled across the online design gallery FormFiftyFive and saw how they implemented AddThis. We thought download transformers revenge of the fallen onlineit was pretty sexy, different looking, and worth a quick highlight here on the blog.

Have you seen some different integrations of AddThis? Send them over. –

April 28th Release: Address Book Integration and Redesigned More Menu

Even in a world of Facebook & MySpace, one of the most prominent ways that people like to share is via e-mail. People love to e-mail things to their friends but one thing that’s a pain is remembering your friends’ e-mail addresses.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that that we’ve integrated Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo e-mail systems right into the AddThis menu. I realize that we took a little bit long on getting this out but we wanted to make sure that we did this right. Our goal is to always maintain our high level of performance with any new features we roll out.

Here’s a screenshot:


When sending an e-mail, there is an option to use your address book. Click “Use Your Address Book”, select your e-mail provider, put in your credentials, and you’ll be presented with your address book. Just select the name and e-mail address of the person you want to share with and they’ll get put in the To: field of the e-mail.

A few things to note… We noticed this morning after we launched that the address book names aren’t in alphabetical order. We’ll be fixing this. In addition, address book integration for right now is only available in English. We’ll be folding in the rest of our localizations very soon.

As part of this release, we also launched a bit of a redesign of the “more menu.” This is the menu that comes up when you click the more option on the menu of default options you just get from hovering over the AddThis button. The list of sharing destinations was getting REALLY long and we wanted to set it up in a way that it would scale as we add more destinations in the future. We’ve also added a search box at the top, so you can even more quickly parse through the big list.

Here’s a screenshot:


Lastly, after a user has shared an e-mail using AddThis and if they use Firefox, they’ll be presented with a promotion for our AddThis plug-in for Firefox. We have found that users who use the plug-in are the power sharers. They share more often than anyone. By encouraging users to install the plug-in, we’re helping them make the sharing power of AddThis even more accessible to them than ever before. The user won’t have to go looking for the button on your page if they want to share your content. They can just share.

Here’s what that looks like:


As always, if you have any comments, thoughts, or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We LOVE talking to our users. Drop a comment on this blog post, start a discussion topic in our forum, or even e-mail me directly –

Thanks and keep sharing!

AddThis for Firefox and Get the Button Code without Registering

At AddThis, our goal is to make it drop dead easy to share online content and make your content shareable. Today, we’ve made two really cool advancements, which help us move in that direction.

Ever have the feeling, “Man! I wish this web page had AddThis on it so that I could share it with my friends” ? Well, I do all the time. So… this is an itch that we decided to scratch. Today, we’re excited to announce AddThis for Firefox.

Image of AddThis for Firefox being used in the Browser

It’s a plug-in which will put the orange plus sign that you’ve all come to know and love right at the top of your browser. So… whenever you see a Web site that you think is rad and want to bookmark it or share it with your friends, you can share it with just a couple of clicks.

If you’re a power sharer, like me, you’ll find yourself using this thing all the frickin’ time. Oh… and the best part is that the plug-in works with any of the over 40 different destinations that AddThis can share with. Try it out and let us know what you think.

AddThis Get the Code Page

Secondly, we’re very pleased to announce that we’ve redone the get the button code process, made it a little more straight forward, and given publishers the option of getting the code for the AddThis button without having to register for an account. We hope that this starts to remove any and all barriers that could stand between someone and getting the button. We want it to be EASY.

An important note: if you opt to get the code without registering, you WON’T get analytics. If you want to get analytics later, you’ll have to go through the registration process and get a brand new button code. We won’t be able to give you your past analytics

As always, let us know what you think of this release or anything at all. Drop me a comment on this blog post, put up a topic post in the forum, or e-mail me personally –

Share on!

Note: Yes, I realize the URL says March and that the title said that for a little bit.  Some how I missed that.  Sorry.  *sips espresso*

Increase Your Sharing. Put Your AddThis Button Front and Center

The purpose of AddThis is to help your Web pages get shared far and wide to every corner of the Social Web. Yet, all too often when I’m surfing around the Web, I see that a publisher has put the share button in the very bottom corner of the site where no one will see it.

If your user comes to your site, thinks it’s really rad, and wants to share it, you should make the AddThis button really obviously placed so your users can find it. Put your AddThis button front and center. The faster users can find the button the more likely it is they will share. The more your users share your content the more traffic you’ll get.

The AddThis button is the most widely used sharing button on the Web. It’s loaded over 20 billion times every month, all across the Web by users all over the world. It has become the de facto standard. When users see it, they’ll recognize it.

Here are two examples of folks who do it right…

Frank Gruber of the personal technology lifestyle blog Somewhat Frank makes his AddThis button easy to find:


The entirely adorable Web site The Daily Puppy also puts AddThis front and center:


Where is the AddThis button on your site? How’s it been going for you guys?

Make Your HTML E-mail Newsletter Shareable with AddThis

Seems like every day I’m getting some kind of deal on something sent to my inbox in the form of an HTML e-mail newsletter. Often, I find myself thinking, “oh I know a friend who’d really enjoy this.”

Do you run one of these HTML e-mail newsletters? You can make it shareable with AddThis.

Here’s how you do it…

  • Go to
  • Make sure you’ve registered or have logged in
  • Click on “Get the Button”
  • Look for the pull down box labeled “Where”, for where you want to put the button.
  • Click on “in an E-zine or Newsletter”
  • Specify the URL for the Web-based version of the HTML e-mail newsletter
  • Click “Get Your Button Code”
  • On the next page, grab the code and stick it in your HTML e-mail newsletter
  • You’re done.

It’s that easy.

Give it a try on your e-mail newsletter and then let me know what you think. –

Share Meryl Streep with Your Friends Using AddThis

meryl streep

Probably one of the most exciting parts of working on AddThis is seeing the button pop up all over the Web. When we see someone new that’s using it, there is always a small wave of excitement that goes through the office. This was definitely the case when we found out that the button was added to Meryl Streep’s Official Web site.

On the Web site, you can learn more about this acclaimed actress, like her work in the the film industry, theater, television, and her support of many amazing causes. There is also a library of articles, speeches, and interviews that Ms. Streep has done over the years.

At AddThis, a central thesis of ours is that sharing is at the center of discovery. By sharing using AddThis on Web sites like Ms. Streep’s, you can help whole new generations of users discover it, making the content that much more timeless.

Check out the Web site and start sharing.

February 26th Release: Updated Site Design, Site Search, New Analytics, Swag Store

Today we pushed out a bunch of awesome new updates, which I’m really excited about. Here’s a run down of all the new stuff…



We’ve updated the site design. There is now brand new navigation for the site as well as a new footer. (See the screenshots above.) Hope this will make it easier for you to find your way around the Web site.


We’ve added a site wide search. It searches across everything, including the forum, blog posts, and help articles. This should make it super easy to find that one forum or blog post that you need to learn how to customize the AddThis sharing experience just the way you want to.


We’ve updated our analytics. For those of you who saw our beta analytics, this should look pretty familiar.

One of the most exciting additions is that you can now break out your stats by domain. Within the analytics, if you go to any of the pages other than the summary, you’ll see a pull down menu that lets you filter by domain. This is something that a lot of you (and I) have been asking for it and it’s finally here. smile

One thing to note as well, when you login to your AddThis account, you’ll now be presented right away with your analytics. No more digging around to find the link.


Last but not least, we’ve added an AddThis swag store. You can now profess your love for sharing online by buying an AddThis t-shirt, polo, hoodie or even track jacket. Be on the lookout for me, as I’ll be traveling the country attending conferences this year and rocking out of some of this rad AddThis gear.

I have to give mad props to our user experience, design, and dev guys for all the work they’ve been doing on this release. They’ve been working really hard on all this and it really looks hot. I’d highly recommend checking out our Creative Director Jeff Wong’s blog post on the redesign. It goes into more detail about some of the design considerations that were taken.

As always, if you have any comments at all on any of this, drop a comment on this post, start a topic thread in the forum, or e-mail me personally – We’re here to serve you and we want to make sure that we’re doing this as best as we possibly can. We can’t do this without your help and feedback.