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Academy Awards Wrap Up

It was Hollywood’s biggest night and AddThis was along for the ride, tweeting data tidbits and measuring audience sentiment for some of the evening’s most stand out moments! Here’s a quick wrap up of what our network told us during the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

First up, prior to the event, we pulled some data on the nominated films and actors to see if public sentiment could predict the results. Here’s what we found:

  • Hugo and The Artist had strongest pre-Oscar buzz building off the momentum they seized at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards

  • Best Actor winner Jean DuJardin didn’t see the highest spike, but he did see a good sustained amount of interest. It seems there is a correlation between consistent interest versus spikes in interest and winning the award. Consistency counts!

  • Our geographic map showing movie interest by state is especially telling. Not surprisingly, Hugo, which won 5 awards last night, saw massive interest across the board. And The Help reigned in the South, a movie which takes place in Mississippi.

As for audience sentiment, we saw many different emotions from users during the telecast. Here are the highlights:

  • Billy Crystal, whose monologue was poorly received, had 42% negative sentiment, but recovered as the night went along and ended up being viewed 47% positive by the end of the evening.
  • Rooney Mara saw a 4x increase in positive interest during her appearance on the red carpet.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen saw 90% positive sentiment after dumping “ashes” on Ryan Seacrest during the E! Pre-show.
  • Mr. Seacrest’s unfortunate luck didn’t just mess up his Burberry suit – he had a response of 68% negative sentiment after the stunt.
  • Overwhelming positive sentiment (97%) for Ellen Degeneres in the JCPenney ads.

We also saw some very interesting stats regarding service usage:

  • Proof Twitter is the service of choice for real-time events: Chatter about the Oscars on Twitter is outpacing FB by 45%
  • Sharing to Pinterest increased 150% during the red carpet show! Lots of fashion sharing going on.
  • Sharing via iPad was up 20% last night over a normal Sunday night.
  • Over 1.45M different domains received traffic yesterday with people looking for information about the Oscars.

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