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Football Gets the Biggest Social Spike Last Night, But Bill Creates Lasting Buzz

Last night, prime time television was a battle of American politics and the opening game of America’s most popular sport. While the 2011 season’s Super Bowl winners, the New York Giants, saw the biggest social spike across the AddThis network at the time of kickoff, former President Bill Clinton, one of the keynote speakers for the evening at the DNC, managed to create a sustained interest during his speech.

Way to bring the buzz, Bill! Our geographical data of social mentions across the US shows us that both New York and Massachusetts had more to say and socialize about Mr. Clinton than his home state of Arkansas.

The darker the state, the more intense the interest.

Finally, we pulled a tag cloud of most popular terms associated with Bill last night. One reason we love tag clouds is because of some of the things we find when researching the seemingly random terms that show up. For example: the word warlord shows up because people were looking for the clip from SNL featuring Phil Hartman, playing Clinton, talking about how warlords will take your chicken McNuggets.  Clip here (fast forward to 3:55 mark).

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