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AddThis – A Spiritual Experience

We recently stumbled across this awesome video of a user preaching – literally – about his experience with AddThis. We couldn’t resist sharing!

We’ve always maintained that we have an amazing community of support but testimonials from people who dig the product never get old. And when it comes in the form of a sermon on sharing, well, we just can’t argue with that!

We love you too, friend!

Clearspring To The Races!

Cobra Kai Race Wagon with lights

Like any great company, Clearspring has a motorsports division that fields a racing team.  The Clearspring Motor Club team, Cobra Kai, ran its first race, the 2011 Capitol Offense at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia a few weeks ago, ending up in 44th place of 102 runners.  Given that this was most of the team’s first experience with wheel-to-wheel racing, and we were driving a just-completed race wagon in its first race, this was a great result.  For those who don’t know, the 24 Hours of LeMons is a whimsical race series that begins with the premise of making racing, a notoriously expensive sport, relatively cheap and accessible.  The central rule is that all of the cars, sans safety equipment, are worth less than $500, which leads to lots of awful vehicles that you wouldn’t believe are roadworthy, much less could be driven on a racetrack for 14 hours.

Cobra Kai Race Wagon on track

This weekend we’re stepping things up a bit and participating in the Chump Car VIR 24, a bona-fide 24-hour, through-the-night race.  This is everyone’s first time doing night racing, which we have been informed is a harrowing experience of barely following the dark racetrack with never-sufficient lights.  So if you like racing, keep an eye on the Clearspring Motor Club blog, follow us on Twitter, or just check out the highlight video from our last race.  And if you are interested in working at a sweet company that has a race team (and more!), then head over to the Clearspring jobs page and see if there is something that fits the bill.

CS Motor Club Featured in the Washington Post

(Originally posted on the Clearspring blog.)

Clearspring’s CS Motor Club crew was featured in today’s Washington Post in an article about unconventional recruitment techniques. A handful of Clearspring team members with a love of cars started the Motor Club as a side hobby. They have since purchased a $500 car, or hooptie, and plan to compete in the 24 Hours of LeMons race this summer.

There has been talk of other CS clubs starting up but so far nothing has materialized to rival the so-far impressive results of the motor gang.

Of course, we are hiring and it may take some fresh team members to grab the reigns and get something going. So make sure to check out our job openings and send in your application. You could be the next founder of CS Knitting Club or CS Bowling Club!


Top 5 Services for Viral Lift

The top services that provide the most amount of clicks to shares is quite a different list than the services that solely see the most shares. Below are the services with their respective Viral Lift percentage.

1. Bleetbox – 9378.66%
2. Email – 2976.96%
3. Hacker News – 631.25%
4. – 519.76%
5. Svejo – 439.11%

Those are some pretty impressive numbers! What do you think contributes to the high number of clicks on the services above? Which services see the highest viral lift for your content?

For reference, the current top services for shares are:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Email
4. Print
5. Google

Data from Last Night’s Oscars

Like the rest of the world, we were glued to our televisions to see who’d take home Oscar gold at the Academy Awards last night.

The AddThis sharing platform provides sharing and social analytics to more than 8MM sites and over 1B unique users monthly.  So, we’re able to have our finger on the pulse of activity on the Web.

While watching the show, we kept an eye on which actors and movies were getting shared about and searched for. Here are some interesting data points that we found…

AddThis Stats from Super Bowl 2011

Like many people across the United States, I was glued to the television last night to watch the 2011 Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Being that I’m not a huge sports fan, I was more excited by the commercials then I was by the game.

Additionally, we were keeping a pretty close eye on the AddThis data on how people were sharing and searching for the brands that advertised.  Because AddThis is on over 8 million domains and is loaded over 2.3 billion times per day, we’re able to get a pretty unique perspective into the activities of users across the Web.

Here are sharing and search graphs that we pulled from activity that happened during the game…

(Click the graphs to see them larger.)

Here are two graphs which show percent changes in searching and sharing about some of the brands that advertised…

(Click the graphs to see them larger.)

AddThis Users Help Make AddThis Better

Here at AddThis, we are always encouraging you to reach out and share your comments with us – any question, piece of feedback or suggestion you have, we want to hear it – and there is a reason for that. We are listening! Here are a few examples:

  • WordPress – Just the other day, we released the new version of AddThis for WordPress. The new features were largely compiled through user requests. Following the release, we collected very helpful feedback and were able to push out some fixes only a day later.
  • Facebook Pop-up Share – We’d received requests for the Facebook share experience to not open a new tab and instead use the pop-up box method. You can find the code for this sort of implementation in our client API docs.
  • Adding Services – Recently, we had lots of people asking to be added to our service offerings, so we made sure to give that to them because they deserve simple sharing too! If you see a service you want added to our menu, please let us know.
  • Sharing, Your Way – We already personalize our tools as you use them, so it’s easy to share to your favorite services. But now, in addition, you can also choose your own favorite places to share! Because if you want to drive, we’re happy to let you sit in the driver’s seat.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have any brilliant ideas or just a little piece of feedback, please send it our way or write in the comments below. You can bet we will listen! We appreciate our community’s contribution to making AddThis the best sharing product on the web.

A Strike Worth Sharing

After our awesome Q1 meeting, our entire team (east coast, west coast and everything between) went bowling. Here are some of the highlights of our evening. Thanks to everyone who could make it out. It was a fun way to start a great year.

Transporting the team to the bowling alley.

Peggy explains the rules of the tournament to the teams.

Mike clears his mind, and prepares to throw a turkey (3 consecutive strikes).

Robert throws a strike of his own, executed with immaculate form and surgical precision.

Will provides real-time color commentary and analysis.

Aaron suffers the endless shame of a missed spare.

The finals were won by a microscopic margin—an epic victory.

The undisputed 2011 bowling champions. They are proud, humble, team players.

Check out the rest of the gallery. ^_^

Afternoon Snack

Recently, Stephen picked up a popcorn machine. Folks, this is the real deal—pure crunchy buttery goodness. I’m not sure what compelled him to get it, but I give him credit for having great taste. This popcorn is way better than the microwaved stuff. I had no idea what I was missing.

Stephen is the gentleman operating the popcorn kiosk above.

Say hello to Rich and Justin. They are popcorn connoisseurs.

Mmmmm… tasty. I think it’s time for round 2.

Top 10 Shares in 2010

We’ve crunched the data and found the top 10 more shared web pages of 2010. Lots of interesting stories and memes that captured the attention of the Social Web…

Texas Mayor Kills Teen Daughter, Kills Self – A murder-suicide shakes an affluent Dallas suburb as Coppel Mayor Jayne…

Paper Cuts – Rolls – Paper cut collages inside of paper rolls. Paper rolls available as prints, T-Shirts, Laptop Skins.

Awe-inspiring scenes from Mother Nature – Summer is the perfect time to get out and see how much nature has to offer.

Sniper kills Qaeda-from 1.5 miles away – It was silent but deadly. A british sniper set a world sharpshooting record by…

Super Heros vs. the Westburo Baptist Church – They’ve faced down humans time and time again, but Fred Phelps and his minions…

WereBox – Paper cut collages inside of paper rolls, handcrafted with precision.

Brazilian Samba Baby

jokeroo – A diaper-wearing infant shows off some incredible dance moves even at his young age!

Hilarious World Cup Dive – Italian player Daniele De Rossi looks like he got shot by a sniper rifle after falling down during a….

Day in Photos: June 18, 2010 – Nahanni Johnstone kisses her eight year old daughter, Chloe, both covered with oil….

Chinese Susan Boyle – Chinese Susan Boyle: This guy belts out the classic Whitney Houston song…