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AddThis Twitter Account Has Presidential-Level Authority

AddThis has been ranked as the #3 Twitter profile in a list of the Top 25 Most Influential Twitter profiles by page authority in an article by SEOmoz! We are third place only behind Barack Obama and Mashable.

We also rank fourth overall when factoring in individual Twitter accounts, being beat by notorious tweeter Ashton Kutcher. But we still out-rank the likes of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, tangledKanye West and Conan O’Brien.

Some other big name tech services on the list are Twitter, Google, YouTube and TechCrunch, just to name a few. We’d say that’s pretty good company!

Thanks so much to our community and all our wonderful followers, as well as SEOmoz for the awesome article!

How We Celebrate Birthdays at Clearspring

(Originally posted on the Clearspring blog.)

Clearspring (company behind AddThis) is really one big gigantic family. While we spend most of the day with headphones on and heads down working on AddThis and the Audience Platform, we like to have a lot of fun too.

The fun has recently manifested itself in how we celebrate birthdays…

For our Senior Engineer Charlie Reverte‘s birthday, his desk was transformed into his very own magical kingdom, which included his own balloon cape and crown.

For our SVP of Social Products Will Meyer‘s birthday, we built him his very own private office (aka big sheets of plastic around his desk in the pit.)

So… what should we do for the next birthday? We’re open to suggestions.

Wanna join in the fun? Join the team.

Share the Country Strong Challenge with AddThis

When working to produce content for the Web, you always have to remember the rule “content is king.” If you want users to get excited by the content and share it with their friends, you have to produce something those users will find exciting.

As we’ve talked about before, contests are one way to garner excitement with your users on the Web. A good example is CMT’s Country Strong Singing Challenge. Contestants compete to win the Grand Prize of a trip for two to Nashville, an opportunity to meet a Sony Nashville music executive, a visit to the set of CMT’s Top 20 Countdown show and the possibility to perform on CMT.

Due to the exciting nature of this contest, users who are fans of country music, the movie Country Strong, or CMT and who want to be seen as “in the know” will share this with their friends.

What are other examples of content that you’ve seen users naturally gravitate towards sharing?

Hear Jim Lane Speak at Refresh DC on Nov. 16th

Our Director of Product Management & User Experience Jim Lane is speaking at the Web design & development user group Refresh DC on November 16th at 7pm in Alexandria, VA.  He’ll be speaking about the challenges and opportunities that have come with designing and developing AddThis given its massive reach.

Regardless of whether your Web site or application reaches hundreds or millions, there’ll be lots of practical nuggets that you can walk away with.

If you live in the Washington, DC area, we hope that you’ll come out. Will be a great event.

Help Your Promotions and Contests Go Viral with Online Sharing

Contests and promotions are always exciting ways to get the attention of your users. When you then make it easy to share that contest, you’re on your way to going viral. Users are able to take their excitement for the opportunity to win and share it with their friends and followers.

For example, there’s MTV’s The Ultimate Tourist Guest Correspondent Contest for Sony’s movie the Tourist with Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Paul Bettany, which opens in theaters December 10th. With the Tourist Contest, MTV is giving one lucky fan the opportunity to be a guest correspondent for the movie, travel to the press junket, interview the cast & crew, and have the coverage posted to

Because MTV used our AddThis sharing platform on their website, MTV’s users can now share the Tourist Contest and impress their friends. MTV can then watch as the contest virally spreads to every corner of the Social Web.

Have exciting promotions, contents, or just content? Make sure that you make it shareable with AddThis.

My First Day at Clearspring

Hello! My name is Kori Hill and today is my first day as a Community Manager at Clearspring.

So far everyone has been very welcoming, but of course, a special shout out to Justin Thorp, my community manager mentor! He’s been awesome and I’m highly impressed by how well he’s managed such a big and important job by himself for so long! I only hope to continue on with the excellent example he has set.

I have spent most of my day getting up to speed on the awesome AddThis platform and learning all the various ways we reach out to customers to make sure you are getting the best experience possible! Even though I’ve been using social media tools for years now, every day it still amazes me the power they have and the channels they open for getting in touch with the people who matter.

Speaking of the people who matter, I very much look forward to interacting with all of you — whether it be on the blog, in the forums or some shout outs on Twitter. (follow me:

Please feel free to ask me any questions you like! I’m always available here –



Gmail Surpasses Yahoo! Mail in Sharing

Today, when looking at all the services that the AddThis platform supports, we noticed that sharing to Gmail has recently surpassed Yahoo! Mail and is now getting ~30% more sharing. (See graph above.)

AddThis has its finger on the pulse of the ever-changing Social Web.  The AddThis sharing platform has been integrated into over 7.2 million domains, loads over 2 billion times per day, and is integrated with ~300 online services and social networks.

With our finger on the pulse, we get to see all kinds of interesting trends, like changes in sharing habits.  Check back next week for even more interesting data.

Have a great weekend.

AddThis is Now as Big as Mario Lopez, On Twitter

With AddThis, we recently passed a fun milestone. We now have over 110,000 followers for our AddThis Twitter account (@AddThis). We’re about as big on Twitter as Mario Lopez (@mariolopezextra), of Dancing with the Stars and Saved by the Bell fame. *smiles*

When we’re not heads down on new features for AddThis, we love geeking out about social media. Twitter has been a fantastic mechanism for getting the word out to our user base about what’s going on. We also depend on Twitter for helping to identify customer issues and making sure that they are quickly resolved.

Thanks to all of you who are following us.  If you’re not following us, I hope that you will. We’re working on some extra special updates for the feed. Stay tuned…