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Social Goes Public: The Facebook IPO

It was fall 2004, my junior year of college, and I was at a party. I was conversing with a new friend when she asked me enthusiastically, “Are you on The Facebook?” I don’t remember my exact reaction, but I’m certain it involved a clueless look and something along the lines of “the what-book?” I could have never imagined at that moment sipping my purple punch, I was essentially experiencing a milestone in my life.

That was 8 years ago and these days, it’s hard to remember a world without Facebook. The service, which started as a private social network for ivy leaguers and eventually evolved into the massive public community it is today, is really more than a service – it’s a commodity. It has become our telephone, our newspaper, our photo album, our address book.  Facebook is a part of our everyday routine.

Today marks another milestone. After much anticipation, Facebook is going public. (And no, this has nothing to do with privacy settings). Mark Zuckerberg’s college side project is set to hit trading desks at 9am and it’s expected to be big. In 8 short years Facebook went from a dorm room to being a company valued at over $100B.

This morning’s bell will be one that is heard ‘round the world.

To “ring in” the big day, we’ve analyzed billions of events from our network and distilled down a couple of fun facts about Facebook’s popularity.

Some general stats about the popularity of Facebook:

  • In April, Facebook drove 40% of all social click traffic in the US including FB shares, likes and sends.
  • The Middle East shares to Facebook 33% more often than the rest of the world.
We also analyzed data to see how people are feeling about the Facebook IPO:

  • Since Monday the overall sentiment worldwide for the FB IPO is positive.

  • Since Monday people who work in traditionally tech savvy areas of the US are most bullish about the FB IPO while those in the Midwest might be feeling less excited.

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  • Most social mentions about the IPO have been what the price of the FB stock will be and where people can buy stock.
  • Seems a lot of the action for people buying FB shares today will be on E-Trade, Charles Schwab and Ameritrade*.

*Social data should not be used to make trading and investment decisions