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Best Practices Guide for OExchange Targets

OExchange has a new Best Practices Guide for service providers, it has some suggestions for avoiding common UX and functional bugs we’ve seen on sharing sites over the years:

  • Welcome new users on your Offer page
  • Preserve URL parameters through the login process
  • Check your URL encoding and decoding
  • Don’t resize the browser window

These are great tips for any sharing site, they’ll improve the user experience and make it easier to share.  The guide also shows you how to you test your site using the OExchange tools, check it out:

We’re going to roll out improved Service Directory support for OExchange-compatible services in the next month or so, stay tuned!

Updates on AddThis support for OExchange

Announced last week, we’re pleased to be leading the development of an open protocol for content sharing on the web, OExchange. We’re also actively working OExchange support into our products in a number of ways.  Here’s an update on a few of them.

OExchange-compliant proxy endpoints.

The AddThis Sharing Endpoints are themselves OExchange Offer endpoints. In other words, you can use our back-end to send content to any service that AddThis is integrated with, just by using a service-named endpoint like this:<service>/offer?url=

This means AddThis makes almost 300 different services on the web into fully compliant OExchange targets!

Read more about this in the API documentation.

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