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Kelloggs Grabs Gold with 50% Increase in Social Mentions

Heading into the second week of the Olympics, Kelloggs has snagged another gold medal almost exactly one week after their first.

Other notable changes, Nike seems to have fallen off the scorecard altogether after winning the gold yesterday. United also gained a good number of Twitter followers despite losing ground in mentions and write-ups. Overall, Chobani has had a great Olympics, making the podium multiple times.

For more data and articles about this year’s games, check out our Olympics page, updated daily.

Streaming vs. Tape Delay is not an #NBCFail

NBC has taken a lot of heat in their coverage of the Olympics.  Inspiring a trending Twitter hashtag known as #NBCFail.  Four days ago the hashtag did not even exist but it burst onto the scene on Sunday.

This hashtag inspired criticism in the mainstream media from across the globe.  Here are a sample of top social content talking about the coverage and hashtag.

More #NBCFail Olympics: “Live Streams” Are Not Live – Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

#NBCFail: Na era das mídias sociais, críticos se unem no Twitter para reclamar da cobertura atrasada das Olimpíadas | Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

Amerikanen uiten frustratie over vertraagd uitzenden van de Spelen: #NBCFail – Internet & Media – VK

But, is the problem as large as it seems for NBC?  TV Ratings are up 10% over the 2008 Beijing games.  Is the tape delayed coverage and posting of results live hurting social activity of the events?  Not according to what we see in this chart monitoring social mentions of NBCFail, which shows people are not complaining during work, they are complaining while watching the games at home.

We analyzed the Women’s Gymnastics Team Final a few nights ago, which is arguably the most popular event here in the United States to see if social mentions were impacted by people watching the live stream.
The answer may surprise you.  Despite the uproar that NBC is failing or no one is watching the Games because media outlets are leaking the results, the fact that last night the Women’s Gymnastics final saw almost a 1000% spike in mentions in prime time during the tape delay.

Even on an average Olympic day, people are more engaged socially in the evening with the Olympics despite knowing the results and having access to the live stream during the day.

Missy Beating Phelps, Lochte in Social Mentions; 400% Increase for Gold Medal Winner Gabby Douglas

It was a busy day for Team USA yesterday with lots of exciting results! We took a dive into our data to see who is getting the most buzz.

Michael Phelps grabbing the gold in the 400 IM race and Ryan Lochte right behind him claiming silver. But despite their successes Missy Franklin still saw the largest increase in interest on July 31st with a nearly 250% increase in interest* across the AddThis network:

Another popular set of athletes this week has been the women’s gymnastics team, who won the the group gold only a few days ago. Then, last night, Gabby Douglas made Olympics history, becoming the first African American to win the individual all-around gold medal. This exciting event is made clear with a 450% increase for Gabby on the network:

It was an amazing night for all watching and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Go USA!

*Measured by shares, clicks and searches

Nike Continues to Inspire Amid Controversy, Win Their First Gold

Nike, not an official sponsor of the games this year, managed to grab the first place spot in our Olympics brand race daily scorecard yesterday. They’ve caused some controversy in the advertising space, with many people claiming they are not so subtly trying to represent themselves as an official sponsor. But they aren’t breaking any rules and it’s clear that their campaign has inspired the social world!

McDonalds and Samsung came in second and third, respectively.

Overall though, an interesting downward trend seemed to happen across the board. Does this suggest that the people who watch Olympics commercials and then decide to follow the brands they like have already done so? How can these brands continue to grab viewers’ attention and maintain a steady stream of followers during such a massive, international event?

We’ll be watching this trend, as well as many others, so be sure to keep checking into the Olympics scorecard.

Chobani Back on Top, the World Shares Olympics Apps

Today’s Daily Brand Scoreboard has the Greek yogurt powerhouse back on top. They’ve been getting a lot of buzz for being a smaller player among Team USA sponsors that’s making a big splash. With a 6% increase in social mentions yesterday, they lead United and Visa who hang on to medal positions. Triple and quadruple digit increases in Twitter followers daily for the brands reinforce our most social Olympics ever.

8.2 Olympics Scorecard

And, if you’re still looking to stay connected to the Olympics on the go, this PadGadget list of the best apps for live and simulcast streaming remains on the list of most shared web content in the US and world-wide. Check out our Olympics Daily Scoreboard for more trending topics and daily wrap ups of Olympic and brand activity!


Mentions Up 10% for Gold Medalist, United, Twittersphere Takes to Nike

United Airlines took the Gold in our social brand Olympics yesterday. Social mentions of the brand were up a full 9% more than the closest competition. They increased their Twitter follower count by nearly 200 users. Could it be Matt Damon’s narration of their “Before They Move Us, We Move Them”  campaign causing the stir, or perhaps users are interested in the launch of their new 787?

Visa and Hilton stay on the podium with the next most mentions, still seeing positive movement in numbers of followers. Nike’s campaign, causing a stir with sponsor in its own right, continues to build momentum, gaining more than 4,000 new followers for the brand.
8.1 Olympic Scorecard

Visa Grabs First Gold in Brand Race; Criticism of NBC Coverage Continues

After coming close with a silver and a bronze, Visa has officially nabbed their first gold in the social brand Olympics! Does that mean Morgan Freeman’s unmistakeable voice is paying off? Hilton also jumped back on the podium, all the way to second place, after disappearing from the top five since Thursday. (Scroll down to see the updated scorecard.)

Another persistant theme at this Olympic games is the public’s frustration with NBC’s coverage. While they can’t control social media spoiling some results, we had to wonder what they were thinking last night when the network aired a commercial of Missy Franklin celebrating her gold medal with her parents only minutes before airing the actual winning race. Here is a tag cloud that clearly illustrates the sentiments around the web:

Check back later for a post on the top events and athletes from last night’s games!

Women Take the Stage: Rhode, Wieber and Solo Cause a Stir

Olympic related content sharing peaked at 11am ET yesterday, but the ladies of the London Games kept audiences abuzz throughout the day. First, huge congratulations to five time gold medalist and record-setting Olympian, Kim Rhode! Pretty cool to see the exact moment when interest turned to action online.


Did you know she has a classic car collection, the highlight of which is a 1965 Shelby Cobra Kit she rebuilt herself? We didn’t, but it was one of the most common terms associated with her name when people were sharing!

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 3.17.21 PM (1)

There was a huge spike in social activity between 7 and 8 pm ET on Sunday related to the Women’s Gymnastics All-Around. By 8pm there was an 8,600% increase in mentions of Jordyn Wieber. The news was better, if not as chatted about, for Gabby Douglas whose lift in mentions peaked at 1,110% around 8pm.

Controversial tweets about former US soccer player Brandi Chastain caused an immediate 200% increase in social mentions about vocal US goalkeeper Hope Solo.

And, we know it’s not all about the ladies. In fact, while the US and the globe is most interested in where and how to live stream the games and what people are wearing, the UK has heavier things on their minds. The most shared article yesterday discusses the economic ramifications of the games to their region. Keep an eye on what content is making the rounds in the US, the UK and worldwide at addthis.com/olympics.

Omega Takes the Gold, Nike, Kellogg’s Stay on Podium

Our hearts go out to Jordyn Wieber for how Day 2 of the Games turned out for her. Fortunately, we’ve got better news for Omega, Kellogg’s and Nike. Sunday turned out to be a triumphant day for the three brands that medaled in our XXX Olympiad social brand analysis.

Omega came in strong bumping Nike and Kellogg’s from the number 1 and 2 spots after the first day of the games. The official timekeeper of the Olympics, Omega scored the Rolling Stones’ ‘Start Me Up’ for use in their ads and it seemed to resonate yesterday with a 26% lift in social mentions and nearly 100 new followers.

Not a bad day for the other medalists. Kellogg’s took the lead in media mentions and Nike blew the competition out of the water gaining more than 4k Twitter followers.

Check out our blog post later today for a full look at yesterday’s social activity including reaction to the gymnastic upset, Hope Solo’s personal tweets and more!
7.30 Olympics Scorecard

Lochte wins on Twitter, Phelps on Facebook; Uchimura Gets 40% Social Lift

It was a big night last night with men’s swimming and the beginning of men’s gymnastics.

As men’s gymnastics teams got started, the US was happy to see their men make it to the men’s finals, but one of the big stories of the night was the stumbles of the most prominent male gymnast in the world Japan’s “Superman” Kohei Uchimura.  Uchimura had a 41% increase in mentions yesterday from his performance in the preliminary male gymnastics competition.  He did make it to the all-around finals, so expect more attention there.

The biggest story in the US, however, was the first showdown of Ryan Lochte and the 2008 Olympic champion Michael Phelps.  The global time delays on coverage flattened the spikes, but the social world tracked the results of the race – Lochte and Phelps went back and forth on social buzz but Lochte was consistently ahead.

The most interesting battle may be on which platform supported each swimmer.  Lochte won in sharing (on the left, below) on Twitter, while Phelps triumphed in sharing on Facebook.

In his first big story of these Games, Ryan Lochte had a wide range of topics under scrutiny, which can be seen in this word cloud.  Physically, he is getting looks at his height, his teeth, and his sneakers; and on his story, people care about his biography, twitter coverage, and the Florida Gators.

There was also an upset in archery that generated buzz in the US.  The US team upset South Korea today in the team semis and went on to win Silver.

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