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Introducing Social Impact Campaigns Targeting Brand Advocates

AddThis today announced the release of a new offering for brand marketers designed to increase engagement and social influence about their brand.  What’s driving this new product offering?  The power of social influence is bringing more and more marketer’s dollars to social media, but social is not  just about Facebook or Twitter – social is happening across the web at large and marketers need a way to tap into social “off-network”.  In fact, AddThis real-time social analytics across 14M domains shows that on average 7 out of 10 social actions about a brand happens off a brands owned website.

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Sharing is Environmentally Caring! And Which Countries are Socially Green?

To commemorate the “greenest” day of the year, we looked at some of our network data to see what was going on in the social world on Earth Day 2012. Some of the most interesting stats were around printing and which countries are the most conservative when it comes to limiting their paper usage.

A few fun tidbits:

  • 7% of social actions measured through AddThis’s sharing tools are people printing.
  • In the United States, 11% of actions measured through AddThis are people printing.
  • The French print twice as much as the rest of the world.
  • Also getting a failing grade is Sweden – the Swedish are printing 20% of the time.
  • The most environmentally friendly social countries are Brazil, India, Turkey.
  • Mexico, Spain and Italy are just a few of the countries that print 7% of the time through our sharing tools.

Sharing to social networks is environmentally caring as it reduces the need to produce as much physical content, which then reduces waste.

We also saw a 200% increase in interest for the term “Earth Day” on the actual day of the celebration, April 22. There was also a small spike on Friday, April 20 due to a high volume of articles being published about weekend activities surrounding the “holiday”.

Washington DC Welcomes the Space Shuttle

Yesterday morning the space shuttle Discovery made it’s final landing at Dulles Airport in Virginia, just down the road from the AddThis offices. The area welcomed Discovery with great enthusiasm, posting live photos of the shuttle on the back of a 747 all over Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

We took a look at our data and it was clear that a lot of activity was happening. Check out this map:


It is clear by the high intensity of interest in the Virginia and surrounding DC area that the in-person images of the shuttle arriving at its final destination evoked a lot of excitement!


Credit: Tom Oettinger


100 Years Later, The Titanic is Far from Forgotten

Yesterday morning, around 2:20am, marked the 100 year anniversary of Titanic slipping below the ocean’s surface. But even today – 3 years after the last survivor died – the fated ship, her story and the story of those onboard, is a source of constant fascination and curiosity, spawning thousands of articles and blog posts.

The AddThis data reflects the buzz around the ship, seeing spikes in interest on both Saturday and Sunday – the anniversary of Titanic hitting the iceberg and then sinking, respectively. It also brings to mind the channels in which the tales are being shared – through social mediums still decades away from being discovered in 1912.


  • We saw a spike Tuesday on 100th anniversary of the launch of the Titanic and due to a number of television specials about the famous voyage. Overall we had a great spike of >100% over the weekend.


  • Facebook dominated as the service to deliver and receive articles about the Titanic. Stories ranged from tales of survival and heroism about those aboard the fated ship to recent scientific theories in how she actually went down.

  • The map shows the geographic interest intensity for the United States. Rhode Island most likely appears dark because of this popular story about two pro tennis players, Richard Norris Williams II and Karl Howell Behr, who both survived the sinking and went on to play against each other. The Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum located in Newport had a “Tennis and the Titanic” exhibit as a tribute to Hall of Famers.

Social Activity during the Super Bowl Up 143% YoY! What was the Internet Buzzing About?

If our pre-game analysis was any indication of fan-base, the majority of the nation is happy with last night’s outcome. We analyzed millions of data points to bring you some highlights of the social activity that took place while the New York Giants took on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. Activity was at an all-time high and amazingly, mobile sharing was up 500% from last year. Check out some of the online behavior that the game, commercials and performances inspired.

Bridgestone, Pepsi and Budweiser saw huge spikes in interest in their brand during the game. Anhueser-Busch ran four different ads, but you can see the final “Here Weego” spot had the biggest impact.

Interest is based on an analytics of related shares, clicks and searches:

Click for larger version.


As for the performances, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that M.I.A.’s much talked about obscene gesture had the most sustained interest throughout the 4th quarter and even after the game. Cee Lo wins for generating overall most interest.

Entertainment Graph
Click for larger version.


Doritos, Budweiser and Teleflora were the big winners in terms of percentage lift in brand interest. Below you can see the lift in clicks, shares and searches for each brand relative to the day before Super Bowl.

Click for larger version.


Looks like Canada was more interested in Madonna than the US! This intensity map illustrates the scale of interest in Madonna due to her flashy halftime show.

Click for larger version.


And, finally, this map shows a geographic break down of interest in Budweiser brands in the US. Bud’s got some big fans in Colorado it seems. Maybe the folks in WV and KY need a little elbow in the ribs.

Click for larger version.


Some other great stats are around where all the activity was taking place:

  • Sharing via mobile was up 500% from last year
  • Overall sharing was up 143% from last year
  • Shares to and Clicks from Twitter was up 116% from last year
  • Shares to and Clicks from Tumblr was up 615% from last year
  • Shares to and Clicks from Facebook was up 18% from last year

Shares to and Clicks from Email were down 16% from last year

It seems Internet users are drifting away from email for much of their social correspondence and interacting more and more on social networks… and on mobile. Food for thought!

If you have any questions about our data or would like more information about AddThis and Clearspring, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!