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Your Analytics Are Updating Soon

Over the years, we’ve built different mechanisms to increasingly improve the way your analytics are collected and delivered to you. When you sign in to your AddThis Analytics, the information displayed to you at first is generated by queries, processed in the most minimal way so that you’re not sitting there long, waiting for the page to load.

It’s worked wonderfully, but we still want to make it better. So in late June (date TBD soon), you’ll see a change in your Analytics. Here are the details you need to know.

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Sharing Tool Updates Coming Your Way! [Updated]

[Update 4/25: We updated the links in this blog post to get you to the latest Support FAQ on the upgrade.]

We upgraded our sharing tool last fall, with a slick new interface which boosted sharing performance, and made it easier to use.

The new version of the AddThis boasts a sleek one-column design, enhanced email sharing, and personalization to show the services you use the most. Check out the picture below.

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Is Your AddThis Code Up-to-Date?

[Ed: 12/26/2012 Please note that since this blog post was written we’ve removed this feature until it can be updated to work with our latest tools and plugins.]

If it’s been a while since you got your AddThis code, you may not be enjoying all the benefits AddThis analytics have to offer. We’ve introduced a new Code Checkup feature for registered publishers that can examine your site’s AddThis code and determine whether it is up-to-date, and has the most recent features enabled.

Using Code Checkup

To checkup your own site, sign in to AddThis.com. When you start in Analytics, you’ll see a new link called Code Checkup next to your domain:

When you select that link, we’ll examine the code on your index page and make sure you’re all set to go with the latest AddThis analytics features like measuring traffic back to your site from social destinations, and tracking when your visitors copy your URLs into emails and IM conversations:

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about this new feature.

Not Registered with AddThis?

If you didn’t register when you got AddThis for your site, why not create an account and grab the latest code so you can take advantage of features like Code Checkup and industrial-strength analytics with live reporting and audience analysis? It only takes a moment, and we’ve added the latest sharing tools like Twitter Follow and Google +1.


AddThis Now Supports the Google +1 Button

Today we are excited to be a launch partner for Google’s +1 button for
websites. As the largest sharing network, we clearly understand how to
process social sharing data at massive scale. Publishers now have the option
to easily install the +1 button via AddThis.com, our WordPress Plugin, and
our client API.

Once you’ve installed our code on your site, analytics on the efficacy of
the +1 button will start showing immediately via your analytics dashboard.
These analytics will be integrated with your other social sharing analytics
to give you a complete view into the performance of your content.

The +1 button helps your content stand out in Google search results by
giving your visitors the ability to recommend your content to others quickly
and easily. The more chances you give your users to +1 your content, the
more likely your URLs show up in search results with +1 annotations, thus
helping users discover results recommended by their friends and other

Learn how to get +1 for your website by visiting the +1 features page.

New Data Feeds and Analytics API

I’m excited to announce two new ways to put your sharing data to work for you.

First up, our new Content Feeds let you access RSS and JSON feeds of your trending, most shared and most clicked content. Integrate these feeds into your web pages to surface your top content to users, keeping them engaged and keeping them on your site. Once enabled, these feeds can be publicly accessed with no rate limits, making them a great complement to our Analytics API. The options will let you customize your feed for a particular time period or domain, or get service-specific content like “most shared to Facebook”.

Second, we’ve expanded our Analytics API to serve up audience data on your sharers, clickers and influencers and insights into their interests like Travel, Sports and Finance. These new metrics help you answer interesting questions like “what are my influencers interest in” and “which sharing service is sending the most clickers back to my site”. You can also access data on which search terms and referring domains generated the most shares on your site. This update brings the Analytics API up to speed with the audience insights reports we released in December.

We hope you enjoy these new analytics features, we have more on the way. If you come up with some cool use cases, drop us a note in the comments.

AddThis Update: Web Site Redesign and New Forum, Analytics, Optimization, and Localization

Friends, first let me introduce myself. My name is Justin Thorp. I’m the Community Manager at Clearspring Technologies, the parent company of AddThis. Going forward, I will be working with Dom to help let you know about all the exciting developments planned for the AddThis sharing platform.

We’ve been heads down on adding and improving AddThis features. We want you to have the best tool possible for sharing your bookmarks and favorite Web pages.

Today, we’re pleased to announce a bunch of new features. Here’s a rundown:

Web Site Redesign & New Forum

First off, we’ve had our design and user-experience brain trust give the Web site a fresh coat of paint.  We hope that you like the new design. We want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to be able to grab/customize the AddThis button and view your stats.

When you go to view your reports, you’ll see that we’ve redesigned them too. We’ve put in all-new charts, which look hot and animate in a fun way, besides being way faster to generate than our old charts.  We’ve also added a forum. This is to better serve you and help you find answers to your problems. Hopefully this will also be a center of community and innovation around sharing, using the AddThis platform.


We’ve integrated Clearspring’s analytics platform into AddThis. This means our analytics are going to be much faster and more reliable. Going forward, we’ll be able to collect more data and thus generate more reports that will show you how your content is getting shared across the Web.


Our engineers have been working hard to optimize the AddThis sharing button. We want the button and menu to load as fast as possible. When your Web site or blog is getting viewed by a lot of people, every millisecond counts.  The button code is now just 3K at load time and only 17K once the user hovers and interacts with the menu. This continues to put us far ahead of the competition in regards to giving you the features you want, using the least amount code possible.


AddThis has also become a bit more worldly. We’ve recently added support for the following languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Taiwanese.

The Future & Feedback

Again, we are focused on making sure that AddThis has the best features possible. In order to do this, we’re depending on your feedback. Please join us in the forums to discuss the future! You can also reach me personally at justin@clearspring.com.