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Get more traffic with beautifully simple website tools. Check out our gallery of Pro sharing and recommendation widgets proven to increase traffic and engagement.
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Share Buttons

Increase traffic and engagement with the world’s most popular sharing buttons for sites, blogs, and even newsletters. Available for WordPress, Tumblr, and more.


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AddThis boosts sharing by automatically showing the right buttons to each user based on their location and activity across the web. Disable and select your own buttons.

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Easy Installation

Add Share Buttons to your site, blog platform or even newsletters with one piece of code.

Complete Customization

Pick one of our styles or create your own with third-party buttons (Like, Tweet, Pin It) and counters.

Safety and Security

AddThis is trusted by over 14 million sites. We offer SSL support, and partner with privacy advocates such as NAI, IAB and Evidon.


AddThis won’t slow your site down. We optimize our code to be fast and use caching via major global CDNs.

Mobile Optimization

Our sharing tools are automatically optimized for mobile and tablet browser. We also provide iOS and Android SDKs for developers.

International Support

Get more sharing all over the world. AddThis optimizes for each visitor’s language, selecting from over 300 services and auto-translating into over 70 languages.

Industrial-Strength Analytics

Comprehensive reporting helps you better understand your audience and content so you can measure the additional traffic and engagement for your site. See a demo.

Smart Layers Compatible

Share buttons work seamlessly with Smart Layers. Already using AddThis sharing buttons and want to add Smart Layers? No problem.

Powerful APIs

Build your own sharing solution using our extensive library of APIs and sharing endpoints.



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