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Get more traffic with beautifully simple website tools. Check out our gallery of Pro sharing and recommendation widgets proven to increase traffic and engagement.
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Smart Layers

Make your site smarter. Increase traffic, engagement and revenue by instantly showing the right social tools and content to every visitor. It's one piece of code, mobile-ready and free!


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  • When a desktop visitor scrolls down your page, a box will slide in at the bottom to promote the best next step. It will show one action (e.g. share button, follow button, or recommended link).
    This feature will not appear in mobile browsers.

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Easy Installation

Add share buttons, follow buttons, and content recommendations to your pages with one piece of code.

Any Site, No Disruption

Easy-to-install layers float effortlessly over your content without disrupting your layout. Now that's smart!

Personalization Features

AddThis shows every visitor recommended content and the social tools that are most relevant and likely to drive engagement.

Mobile & Tablet Ready

Designed with mobile in mind, Smart Layers adapts to mobile form function and is retina-ready with no extra work.

Works With other AddThis tools

Smart Layers works seamlessly with other AddThis tools like Share and Follow Buttons, and includes complete analytics reporting. See a demo.

API Support

Want to grab the reins? We're developing a Smart Layers API that provides enhanced control over your site's Smart Layers.

Why are my images not showing up in the Recommended Content/What's Next layer?

Make sure to optimize Smart Layers with Open Graph tags



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