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Get more traffic with beautifully simple website tools. Check out our gallery of Pro sharing and recommendation widgets proven to increase traffic and engagement.
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Trending Content

Boost traffic recirculation, time-on-site and page views by offering recommendations based on your site’s most popular content.

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Additional Features

Easy Installation

All you need is one piece of HTML code that's easy to add to your site.

Multiple Content Types

Choose from different types of popular content — trending, top shared, or top clicked.

Complete Customization

Fully customize content recommendations to match your site design, including number of links, size, colors, and more.

Industrial-Strength Analytics

Comprehensive analytics reports help you understand which promoted content drove the most traffic back to your site.
See a demo.

Smart Layers Compatible

Want to add trending content to your page layout but still use other Smart Layers? No problem. Trending content works seamlessly with Smart Layers.

Robust APIs

Use our API to customize how your Trending Content should be displayed. You can also access RSS and JSON feeds of your top content.