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AddThis Launches Global Audience Segments

Largest Big Data Audience Provider Releases Regional and Country Data in the United Kingdom, France and Germany

McLean, Va. - September 17, 2012 – AddThis, the largest social infrastructure platform on the open web today announced the launch of global intent-based audience segments, allowing customers to target consumers globally, at the regional or country level. The U.S.-based company will officially launch localized and optimized audience segments in the United Kingdom, France and Germany with plans for additional segments in other European countries.

Currently working with leading international trading desks, demand-side platforms (DSP), data management platforms (DMP), real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges, and other local partners, the launch will include popular segments in the following industry verticals: Automotive, Finance, Travel, Entertainment, and Technology.

"We use AddThis audience segments extensively in the U.S. because of the platform's scale and performance, which help drives our campaign ROI," said Eugene Becker, vice president, analytics, Xaxis USA. "We are looking forward to working with the company to extend our reach into Europe, to further engage our relationships with customers in these markets."

By mapping more than 1.3 billion users each month, AddThis creates audience segments by aggregating anonymous data from its global footprint of more than 14 million websites. The platform can identify behavior to ensure advertisers are targeting not only the right audience, but the audience with clear purchase intent to ensure both campaign scale and precision.

AddThis' platform is able to uncover unique sharing habits globally and specifically in Europe.

  • During the Olympics, there was a 30 percent increase in social activity (shares and referrals) compared to an average day in 2012
  • Residents of England tweet 78 percent more than others across the globe
  • French users print twice as much as the rest of the world
  • On average, across AddThis' platform, industrialized nations spend less time on Facebook and more time on Twitter
  • Facebook is used 33 percent less in Germany than the rest of the world.
  • Germans are two and a half times more likely to print than the rest of the world and are two times as likely to hit the Facebook Like button

"Our global footprint provides us with a unique vantage point into the social sharing habits of consumers and our strategy is to partner with the leading ad infrastructure providers to best position our global audience data to customers on a country by country basis," said Peggy Fry, CRO, AddThis.

"Each month, we reach more than 325 million unique users across Europe, with 52 million in the UK, 45 million in Germany, and 42 million in France," said Arthur McKinley, head of international business development, AddThis. "We look forward to continuing to extend our reach and providing audience segment data to help companies more effectively target consumers."


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