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AddThis offers online tools that leverage data from our network of 15 million sites. We help publishers understand their audiences and drive traffic to what matters.


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AddThis Selected as Inaugural Global Data Partner for Adobe Audience Manager Audience Marketplace

AddThis Joins as Anchor Data Tenant for the Newly Launched Data Exchange from Adobe

VIENNA, VA – Nov. 11, 2015 -- AddThis, a leading provider of website marketing tools and behavioral audience data, today announced that it is an inaugural global data partner for Adobe Audience Manager Audience Marketplace, unveiled today.

Audience Marketplace, a new data exchange within Adobe Audience Manager, allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell anonymous, high-value audience data within one easy-to-use, flexible solution.

AddThis helps digital marketers reach consumers with precision through quality audiences built from one of the largest first-party permissioned global datasets. AddThis gives marketers access to the anonymous, cross-web interest and intent behaviors of 1.9 billion monthly unique visitors traversing more than 15 million domains, across desktop and mobile. Deep audience intelligence is gathered in real time to build high-performing audiences at scale.

Brands that leverage Adobe Audience Manager Audience Marketplace can now access AddThis’ deep taxonomy of standard US audiences, which includes more than 1,500 standard segments across all major verticals, including social and mobile segments. The solution will also give brands access to AddThis’ scaled international standard audiences for Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia and Brazil, to help them drive efficiency across digital and programmatic campaigns.

“We’re thrilled to work with Adobe to make it more easily accessible for brands to access AddThis’ global audience data,” said Rich Harris, CEO of AddThis. “Our goal is to help platforms like Adobe deliver quality audiences at scale to help brands achieve their marketing goals.”

“AddThis’ transparent, permission-based data set enables Adobe clients to augment profiles with powerful anonymous behavioral and interest-based data from over 15 million global domains,” explains Amit Ahuja, general manager of data management at Adobe. “By integrating with Adobe Audience Manager, brands and publishers can activate against AddThis data with enhanced profiles across their desired marketing channels.”

AddThis’ custom and modeled audiences are available via the Adobe Audience Manager and will become available through the Audience Marketplace in 2016.


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AddThis helps brands build more authentic customer relationships through insight, activation and personalization products powered by the AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform. AddThis Ai processes the real-time interest and intent data from 1.9B monthly uniques across 15M global domains. AddThis’ extraordinary reach, combined with world-class data science and seamless integration across the marketing ecosystem, gives marketers and advertisers unprecedented transparency into target audiences and enhances their ability deliver effective personalized experiences across paid and owned media. Learn more at

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