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AddThis offers online tools that leverage data from our network of 15 million sites. We help publishers understand their audiences and drive traffic to what matters.


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AddThis Unveils Audience Intelligence Platform, Helping Brands and Agencies Deliver Personalized Marketing

New Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform leverages the real-time activity of 1.9B digital uniques to understand, segment and activate custom audiences

VIENNA, VA – May 12, 2015 — AddThis, a leading provider of website marketing tools and behavioral audience data, today announced the AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform, giving brands and agencies transparent access to custom audiences generated by the anonymous digital patterns of more than 1.9 billion uniques across 15 million sites using AddThis’ existing website marketing tools.

With data-driven marketing and programmatic digital advertising on the rise, brands and agencies are faced with developing relevant messaging and creative for different customer personas, and then effectively trafficking those messages at scale. All too often, however, brands lack timely insight into specific target audiences, resulting in higher costs and sub-optimal campaign performance.

AddThis’ Ai platform allows brands and agencies to quickly create custom audiences from keywords, CRM personas, or pixels, and then explore the resultant interests, brand adjacencies and on-page behaviors of that target group. AddThis Ai builds these audiences in real time, qualifying members from patterns generated by seeing uniques an average of 25 times per month, and observing 30 behavioral dimensions on each page load. The scale, depth and transparency of the AddThis Ai platform provides marketers with a more complete understanding of the customer, and supports smarter investment decisions across the marketing funnel.

Brands and agencies can access AddThis’ massive data set in a variety of ways, from a user-friendly data visualization dashboard to connecting directly with CRM and DMP systems through APIs.

AddThis offers additional flexibility by decoupling its data from media and providing integrations with all of the leading DSPs and DMPs. This makes it easy for brands and agencies to activate audiences through their choice of paid, or owned, channels.

“Our vast footprint puts us in a unique position to help all marketers better understand and engage with their customers,” said Rich Harris, CEO of AddThis. “We are excited for brands to leverage our rich pool of anonymous audience data and explore the full spectrum of their audience’s digital interests, without sacrificing control over their data or limiting how they activate those insights across their prospecting and retention efforts.”

Several large brands and agencies have now signed onto the AddThis Ai platform, and are already seeing how the platform provides long-desired access to the full spectrum of customer interests, brand adjacencies, and device-specific behaviors that enable personalized targeting. Mullen, which supports category leading consumer facing brands such as Bose and JetBlue, is one of the agencies testing the platform for their clients.

"It's been enlightening to understand the real-time behavior of our target audiences through the Ai interface,” said Ethan MacDonald of Mullen MediaHub. “Ai enabled us to quickly identify the key characteristics of unknown customers, develop more targeted creative concepts, and even flagged an unexpected competitor for us. It does a great job of turning the massive scale of the AddThis data footprint into actionable insights that we use to improve everything from planning to media placements."


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AddThis helps brands build more authentic customer relationships through insight, activation and personalization products powered by the AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform. AddThis Ai processes the real-time interest and intent data from 1.9B monthly uniques across 15M global domains. AddThis’ extraordinary reach, combined with world-class data science and seamless integration across the marketing ecosystem, gives marketers and advertisers unprecedented transparency into target audiences and enhances their ability deliver effective personalized experiences across paid and owned media. Learn more at

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