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AddThis offers online tools that leverage data from our network of 15 million sites. We help publishers understand their audiences and drive traffic to what matters.


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AddThis Ushers in New Era of The Personalized Web Through Audience Targeting Capabilities

Vienna, Va. - Dec. 3, 2014 — AddThis, the world’s largest content engagement platform, today announced new audience targeting capabilities that enable website owners to deliver more personalized, relevant content and offers to site visitors. The new audience targeting tool is based on the company’s insight that is derived from 1.8B unique users across the open Web and is designed to increase user engagement, accelerate conversions and boost revenue for website owners.

Audience targeting, personalization tools and recommendation engines have long been a vital part of the online experience and were previously only available to advertisers and a small percentage of publishers. Yet they are limited in their ability to deliver targeted and relevant content. This is due to inconsistent and incomplete data that doesn’t reflect the visitor’s interests and experiences beyond an individual website.

Using the AddThis audience targeting tool, website owners are now able to further personalize a visitor’s experience based on the websites they’re coming from, the device they’re using and their specific interests. Each website visitor can also be presented with offers, coupons or other calls to action based on their previous online activities. This eliminates cold starts and empowers website owners to immediately engage their target audience.

For example, a publisher specializing in news content could use the AddThis audience targeting tool to create a specific welcome message or offer for first-time visitors, another greeting for those interested in entertainment or health content, and another message for visitors that arrive on the site from their mobile phone.

“For decades now, website owners have been forced to create the same experience for every visitor that comes to their website. This makes it nearly impossible to deliver truly differentiated experiences and present targeted content recommendations and offers,” said Charlie Reverte, general manager of website tools, AddThis. “Our new audience targeting offering addresses these challenges so website owners can boost engagement and conversions.”

The AddThis data pool reaches 98 percent of the Internet population in the United States and its website tools are on more than 14 million websites around the world. This gives the company a distinct advantage when it comes to delivering relevant, personalized content and recommendations to website visitors, even if it’s the visitor’s first time on a site. Also, the audience targeting tool doesn’t require coding and gives website owners greater control over how their website is presented to different audiences.


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AddThis helps brands build more authentic customer relationships through insight, activation and personalization products powered by the AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform. AddThis Ai processes the real-time interest and intent data from 1.9B monthly uniques across 15M global domains. AddThis’ extraordinary reach, combined with world-class data science and seamless integration across the marketing ecosystem, gives marketers and advertisers unprecedented transparency into target audiences and enhances their ability deliver effective personalized experiences across paid and owned media. Learn more at

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