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Engagement drives results

AddThis offers you website tools, advertising solutions and massive data.

Our data goes beyond following, liking & pinning

Expand your audiences and glean insights from user behavior such as emailing, printing, address bar sharing and over 300 other social networks and services.

AddThis audiences are modeled from across 1.7B unique users worldwide

Off-Domain Engagement

Consumers are engaging with your brand off-domain. Being able to find and reach them can help drive a successful campaign.

70% of social activity about your brand happens off your site.

— AddThis Data

You know your customers, AddThis brings you more

Social Ads Increase Engagement

Making your ads social increases engagement. AddThis tools can be applied to all types of ad campaigns.

We're Just Getting Started

Hundreds of today's leading and emerging brands are using AddThis services and solutions to reach and exceed their display advertising goals. Discover the AddThis difference.

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